Britt Summary of Month 22

Britt was in her 22nd month of life from Sept 6th through October 5th. Here is everything she had going on that month!

toddler girl - summary of the 22nd month of life with a toddler girl


Some of the words this month were please (says it “mease“), Mason (from her bible class), Joey (for Jordan which is funny b/c Kye always called him George haha), yuck, and Zazu (bird in Lion King).

She says a TON of words at this point and I totally can’t keep track of all the new additions! Here’s a video of some of her words. 

Love for the Lord: 

I am SO so proud of both of my babies for many things…but their relationship with the Lord at such young ages, by far, makes me the most proud.

Britt has loved to carry her “bible” around with her (the one she carries most often isn’t actually a bible but is a book filled with scripture related to parenting) since she was tiny.

And her first actual word was “bible.” 🙂

She still loves to carry it with her (and sometimes she carries two or three at a time) but now she also loves to READ it.

She will plop down on the floor and open it up and say “God” over and over and will say “Mommy, Daddy, Kye” because we often talk about how God made all of us and how he loves us all too. 

Britt is also starting to take her prayers more seriously.

Usually Kye does our meal prayers and Britt prays before naps and bedtime (each of us take a turn each time).

She has started to ask to pray at other times too and it is SO precious.

She’ll also listen better to our prayers and will fold her hands when we say it’s time to pray. Here’s a video of her praying 🙂

I think it’s super cute that every time she prays she ALWAYS prays for Mema first (Zach’s grandmother)

I mentioned this in Kye’s post but Kye has memory verses now at school and Britt always wants to practice them too! Tell me she doesn’t have the most precious little voice in this video 😉


Britt doesn’t just enjoy reading her bible she enjoys reading all books.

I was honestly a little worried about her ability to sit still and read b/c this child is NON-STOP going!

However, as she gets older her attention span is much, much longer and she loves to just sit and read together.

She will read books on her own as well and read them to her baby 😉


More with the “sitting still” development…she’s also starting to enjoy coloring much more and doing more of “artsy” type things.

Kye really enjoys doing projects and being crafty so I’m thankful that Britt is starting to enjoy these things too!

Play-doh is finally safe with Britt!


Britt is still a great eater!

She loves meal time and is starting to get less and less messy when she eats.

She goes through spurts where she will eat a TON of one food (like she’ll ask for more and more bananas at breakfast) then spurts where she won’t want that food at all.

Guess that’s a girl for ya right? We are known to change our minds haha


We love us some rainy days around here.

Britt will stare and sing “go away go away.” I love that she’s already picking up on songs and singing them on her own 🙂


Now that Kye is in school Britt and I play a LOT and it’s so fun to watch her enjoy things on her own 🙂

She cracks me up with her accessory choices. She won’t want to wear clothes but will insist on wearing shoes and a bow! 

She still loves to stack up the rings!

And she still whistles constantly

She also loves to RUN!!!! 

And carry around a purse 😉


7:10 Up for Day, breakfast

10:00 Room time

10:45: Movie time

12:30: Lunch

1:00: Nap

3:30-4:00: Up from nap

6:00: Dinner

6:40: Bath

7:10: Bed for night

She may be more independent now but I still see THIS alllll the time 🙂

(meaning “HOLD ME MOMMY NOW!”)

And, yes, she’s learning to smile on demand! 😉

Other Stuff Going on with Britt:

  • She’s starting to say “no ma’am” a lot on her own!
  • She uses please a LOT as well and if I say “how do you say it?” when she’s being whiney she will say “please!” If she needs help and is frustrated she will say it and she will also say it for me to switch songs in the car!
  • She cannot say yes still and will shake her head up and down for it
  • If we ask her who lives at Disney World she says Mickey Mouse!
  • She is very musical and walks around humming a little tune all the time…reminds me of Zach b/c he’s constantly singing.
  • She really loves it when Zach tickles her and will ask him to do so
  • When we have movie time she asks to watch Nemo or Lion King (she ROARS to ask for Lion King)
  • When it’s time to go to church we sing “It’s time to go to class” and the song says “so and so will be there” and Britt will say “MASON!” and she will also point to herself and say “ME!”
  • Kye will be talking in the car and Britt will pick out one word from what he’s saying and will just repeat it over and over and over
  • Her favorite songs in the car are “Zippity Do Dah” and “Life is a Highway” she will request both to be played repeatedly
  • One night for prayers I asked Britt “what are you thankful for?” and she replied and said “toots” and then cracked up!!!!
  • I also found her in her bed one morning saying “Butt, boat. Butt, boat” from Nemo and laughing to herself about her joke 😉
  • She really enjoys helping me in the kitchen! Especially pouring things when I’m cooking
  • I had to start back to giving treats for going potty. She started to hold it and never go b/c she didn’t want to take the time to stop playing to go to the potty! She would hold it and hold it and pitch a fit about going so I started up the treats (one gummy when she goes) and she now goes happily and more often!
  • Britt asks constantly to hold our hands and walk around the house. She will also say “race” and want to race with Kye around the house too.
  • Also in her prayers she has said she’s thankful for Disney 😉
  • Poor child is in the car at LOT with taking Kye to and from school every day. I don’t do dvds in the car (save them for only long car trips) but I did bring in some “new” toys to the car and it’s helped her behavior a TON
  • On Sept 22nd she said her first sentence! She was siting on the potty and pointed to herself and said “me go bye bye”
  • She was carrying around her baby doll and said “book read” then got her bible and said “baby bible god bible god” 🙂
  • She also came up to me this month and said “cup please” to get her a cup!!! I am PUMPED about her better communication skills!
  • She is doing so much better with her behavior. I’m now starting to get compliments about how well behaved she is when we go places which makes my heart so happy. No one ever believes that she’s not even two yet because she acts and looks so mature
  • When she eats she eats HUGE handfuls at a time of food whereas Kye will take an eternity b/c he’ll only eat one little pea at a time
  • This month she had a big appetite at lunch time which caused some nap issues b/c she’d eat for a straight HOUR and have to go to bed late!
  • I was surprised at how little it phased her to go down for nap late. With Kye, if we missed that window he wouldn’t sleep well, but Britt is fine about it. She wont fuss but will say “nite nite” because she wants to go to bed
  • Along with the word explosion this month she also uses adjectives. She will say big poop. cute doggies. cold and hot food, etc
  • Britt is a very physical touch person. She’ll ask us to hold her hand or rub her foot or basically just touch her in someway. She has always been this way and I’m interested to see how it evolves as she gets older. 

Of course, as usual, she’s her big brother’s shadow!

You can look back at Britt’s month 21 summary here and Kye’s month 22 summary here!

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