Britt Summary of Month 23

Be warned: This post has picture OVERLOAD! Blame it on the new camera 😉

And enjoy it b/c Britt’s monthly post from Dec will be pretty dang empty.

I took hardly any random pics this month and I think I have two things written down about her haha. 

Britt was living her 23rd month of life from Oct 6th through Nov 5th! Here’s a TON of stuff she had going on that month:

toddler at 22 months old


At this point she’s saying WAY too many words to try to keep track of.

Looking back at some of Kye’s old videos and such I have to say Britt is WAY more advanced than he was with her language development.

I’m sure a lot of that has to do with being the second child and having an older sibling she hears talking all the time!

And I think Zach and I talk to HER more than we did Kye as well.

When you only have one child you tend not to talk as much?

But she hears us interact with Kye and I say things less “babyish” to her.

She has the MOST adorable little voice. I absolutely love it! This video of her saying sorry totally melts my heart. Isn’t that little voice just SO STINKIN’ ADORABLE?!??!


Whew, this girl is a MESS at the table.

Even food that you’d think wouldn’t be messy, becomes messy when you put it in front of her!!!

She is a great eater…she doesn’t eat a lot but she will gladly gobble up anything we ask her to and will try anything! 

This month we finally moved her to a booster seat.

I actually went ahead and got a new booster seat and plan to sell our other one at a kid’s sale.

It RUINED our wood finish on our kitchen chair 🙁 The new one (which came highly recommended: The Prince Lionheart one!) has little protectors on the bottom so the chair will be okay 🙂 I am also going to sell our highchair.

I like the look of it fine and it’s still in great shape but it is a BEAST to clean. Does anyone have any recommendations for an easy to clean high chair for baby #3????

It’s on my “I need to register for” list!

Britt did awesome transitioning to the booster!

She was super excited about it…the first time she sat in it she kept leaning over super far and saying “ahhhhhh” like she was going to fall haha.

Her wild little self is tough to keep IN the seat.  The very first time she used it she pushed off from the table and she got out of the seat!

I am working with her on staying in her chair until she is finished eating.

Once she says “I’m done” then she has to wait for me to clean her off before she can get down. It’s been a struggle but we’re getting there! 



Britt loves, loves LOVES baby dolls.

She carries her baby with her everywhere and I totally love it!

I was never a baby doll kid but I want my daughters to be.

I think it’s excellent practice for being a mommy someday (and will help her be a helpful big sister right???) and I want to instill the values I have as a mother into my daughters the best I can!

With Kye I NEVER let him bring toys with us places but I totally allow Britt to bring her baby doll anywhere we go. I just really do love it 🙂

Other Toys: 

I often find myself forgetting that Britt isn’t even two yet.

Again, probably b/c she has an older sibling? But she plays like she’s MUCH older than she is!

She understands the concept of “pretend play”, understands sharing, and doesn’t ever put toys or things in her mouth at all.

I love watching her play and I love seeing my babies playing together!

Watching a movie Captain Hook style 😉

This toy was mine as a kid! She loves to run around with the bear

Writing “notes” is one of her favorite things to do!

This month Britt and I played her first game! We got down Don’t Break the Ice and she LOVED it! She didn’t fully grasp all the rules but she had fun hitting the ice 😉


We had a cold front this month and our kids rooms get colder than the rest of our house.

So the day came. It was time to give Britt a blanket. And I know she’s wayyyyyyy over the age of SIDS concerns but I still freaked out.

I checked on her like 1,000 times to make sure she was okay.

Since then she’s been sleeping with a blanket each nap and night so I’m used to the idea.

I had like four blankets I’d alternate between b/c I really don’t want her to get attached to a certain blanket haha. 

Movie Time: 

Finally Britt ENJOYS movie time! She is still super hyper and wild but has more and more calm moments.

She is actually doing so well being calm and sitting nicely during the movies that I have stopped having her sit in the toddler seat (packing it away for the next one!). She sits on the couch like a big girl now!


Oh the joys of the toddler tantrums 🙂

Britt will go from sweet as can be to totally sour in a matter of seconds.

She will cry and cry and cry this super loud, high-pitched cry that makes you want to punch a wall.

She really loves attention and loves to be held so the best thing we’ve found that works is to have her sit on the couch.

We did the same thing with Kye as a toddler and it also worked well.

We tell her she has to sit on the couch until she is done pitching the fit. Once she calms down she can get down! It works like a charm!

And just like that, back to being an angel!


Britt is a wonderful sleeper. I always tell people that she goes hardcore non-stop all day but as soon as we put her in her crib BAM! She’s OUT!

She sleeps great both for naps and at night. And she wakes up in the BEST moods 🙂 I love it! 

Here’s a video of how she is when I go in to get her!


Britt is cutting her two year old molars. Oh the joy. Frozen peas have helped.

Tylenol before bed has helped as needed for pain. And frozen washcloths are the jam.

She loves to chew chew chew on it. Keeps her busy, distracted from the pain, and keeps her from complaining 🙂


Britt watches Kye write and draw a lot and has picked up on the enjoyment of artwork.

I think it’s funny b/c I’m not crafty AT ALL but my kids really do enjoy that sort of thing!

I did always love to write stories growing up so maybe they will follow in my footsteps?

Future bloggers? 😉 I like to encourage Britt to sit and draw as it helps build up her ability to sit still for long periods of time. With her starting school next fall she’ll need that skill!


Britt is still VERY into shoes. She will go in her room and pick out a pair to wear and will insist on putting them on herself.

Usually she puts them on the wrong feet. Which is a mini-battle for me to get them off of her so I can fix them haha

Matching Mommy: 

I’ve always LOVED how Zach and Kye enjoy dressing alike.

Like, I might be a little envious of it. Britt is old enough now where WE get to dress alike and I do truly enjoy it.

I mean I’m not running out and buying “Mommy and Me Matching Outfits” or anything…but coordinating is super fun. We typically try to coordinate as a family for church! 


This month we had two playdates.

I’m terrible about planning playdates for Britt and need to do a better job of it b/c she needs to have social time with kids close to her own age, rather than only ever playing with Kye and her cousins who are much older.

Robyn had some days off work for a break so she brought Cooper over and they had a good time together! You cannot tell he’s six months younger than Britt…kid is a big boy!!!

Ashley also invited us over this month for a fun playdate where the kids made cute little puppets! Britt enjoys crafts and had a good time with Preston! 


Britt is starting to pick out books and read them on her own which is a new thing for her.

Being so active anything that involves SITTING she’s not usually all that crazy about haha. But I love that she is starting to choose to read 🙂 

Ant Bites: 

Much like her brother, Britt also swells up when she gets ant bites.

I get MEGA swollen whenever a mosquito bites me.

Maybe we have a small allergy to it??? I just give ’em a little benedryl and don’t worry about it!


I took this picture to show Zach b/c he dressed her and forgot to take off the bloomers from the dress!!!

Have you parents of daughters done that? I have SO MANY times. You don’t see the bloomers attached and then put the outfit on and realize they are still there! 

Bath Time: 

Britt cries and cries when it’s time for the bath. And then she cries and cries when bath time is over. Seriously.

Every night! Once she’s in she has a blast. She especially loves to line up all the toys along the side of the tub. Over and over!

Here’s a video of her playing in the tub!

Look how LONG her hair is getting!!!

Wild Child: 

Even though she’s becoming more calm than she used to be, my child is WILD.

She is always always on the move and Zach and I look at each other multiple times a DAY with secret glances that say “She’s JUST like her Daddy!”

It’s so true. Mrs. Charlotte and Zach both cannot sit still and Britt is just like them!!!

She runs and runs and dances and falls on purpose and is just ALL over the place!!! She always keeps me on my toes and well entertained 😉

Here’s a video of her dancing in circles and singing!


7:10 Up for the day

10:15ish: independent playtime

10:45ish: Movie time

12:20: lunch

1:00 Nap

4:00 Up from nap

6:00: Dinner

6:40: Bath

7:00: Story and prayers

7:10: down for the night

Other Stuff Britt Had Going On This Month:

  • Britt pretends to sneeze and then will say “ahhhchooo!”
  • She constantly wants to race down the hallway or have us hold her hand and “walk” with her around the house.
  • She likes to pretend to be asleep, complete with snoring sounds
  • She makes the funniest sound when you ask “what does a horse say”
  • Britt is doing SO WELL with saying “no ma’am”
  • I’ve noticed a major difference between Kye and Britt is how they are motivated. Kye is motivated by praise. He wants to do well to hear the praise we give him. Britt? She’s motivated by punishment. She pushes and pushes that boundary until she is about to get punished and then will do what she’s told. 
  • Britt has reached the annoying little sister level. She annoys Kye in the car on purpose pretty much every time we are in the car. She will yell and squeal just to aggravate him! She has started to say “sorry Kye” on her own though, finally!
  • On my birthday she kept singing “Happy Cake! Happy Cake!”
  • Britt may not be two yet but she’s already understanding the concept of counting! Here’s a video 🙂
  • When she goes poop in the potty she will say “BIG poop, gross!”
  • Britt was super excited about getting to be TINK for Halloween! I took this video of the kids talking about their costumes this year 🙂

Here are some more cute pics of my sweet girl this month!

Probably one of my fav pics right now of her…doesn’t she look so mature?

You can go back and see Kye at 23 months here!

As usual, it’s so neat to see the things they have in common! I stopped keeping track of Kye’s words this month too and he also started to show interest in writing and drawing! 🙂

Guess they are more alike than I often think!!!


  1. Jess
    December 29, 2013 / 11:55 pm

    I found your blog when searching for a particular week of pregnancy and loved all of your weekly updates. congrats on #3! I am expecting #2 at the end of March and look forward to reading about your upcoming pregnancy in real time. I don't want to sound offensive and recognize I am overly paranoid in terms of internet safety, but do you ever get worried about posting some of those pictures of Miss. Britt? I recognize its a cute little nakey baby doing baby things and your just capturing life as it rolls but there are so many dangerous people out there. Again, please please don't take this as an insult that's not my intention I would just hate for some pictures to be viewed by the wrong person. I do love your blog!

  2. ChelleyN
    January 2, 2014 / 4:06 am

    You know I love these posts because they make me think about Brenson :-). We have that Prince Lionhart booster, but I don't really love it? I think it's hard to keep clean. Also, I too forget that Bren is not even two yet because he plays older and just acts more mature in general than his sister at this age. I totally think it's a second child thing. She never even had the opportunity to play with "older" toys because we didn't even own them!

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