Two Months Old

As mentioned before, I don’t take a lot of stock in the “what your baby should be able to do” things, but I like to review them each month and see how Kye is progressing. Also, since I am at home with him, these things give me ideas of stuff we can work on during his awake time!

Using What to Expect The First Year Kye has pretty much done everyting in all the areas…he can:

  • smile in responce to my smile
  • respond to sounds in some way
  • vocalize in ways other than crying
  • lift head while on stomach and raise chest supported by arms
  • hold head steady when upright
  • roll over (one way)
  • reach for an object
  • say vowel-consonant combinations
  • smile spontaneously
  • lift head 90 degrees when on stomach
  • laugh out loud
  • squeal with delight

Some things we need to work on this month include:

  • grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers
  • pay attention to an object as small as a raisin
  • bring both hands together
  • follow an object held about 6 inches above face and moved from one side to the other while watching the whole way

Mommy’s Progress at Two Months
While Kye is progressing and developing, so am I! A lot of people seem to think that after a good solid 6 weeks you should be good to go with parenting, I feel like it took me 8 weeks. At this point I’m confident in my parenting abilities, feel I know my child and he knows me, have a good solid routine established, feel well-rested, look better, and feel I am ready to be able to go and do more things more often. Physically I think I’m finally over the trama of childbirth! I think a lot of my “down there” issues took longer because I was a grade 4…Zach and I don’t think we really realized HOW big of a deal that is! I still had some random that-time-of-the-month stuff going on while in Paris! I’m completely done now (or at least I’d better be) and feel so much more NORMAL which is a blessing! I think this time could be different for everyone but for me the 2 month marker says, “I’m officially a Mommy!” and, more importantly, “I’m back to being Emily!”
Of course I had to put a few pictures of my happy two month old boy!

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