Tess Disney Bday: Disney Springs

With Kye and Britt we had themed birthday parties up until they turned five and then on their fifth birthday we went to Disney. Now that we own our Disney Home┬áZach has been pretty hardcore… View Post

Mommy Solo Week: Robyn’s Visit

Zach headed off to Ireland on Wednesday, June 13th. I met up with Robyn at pretty much the same time Zach left to drive down to Orlando. I’ve never driven my kids solo before for… View Post

Spring Break Disney Springs

We kicked off the day with Kye thanking us for totally splitting up the kids from their attempted sleepover the night prior. He was cracking me up about how thankful he was that I made… View Post

T-Rex {End of Trip}

After our morning at MK we all got to work! Zach’s family was heading back the next day and our crew was heading back the following day. A lot of what was left were little… View Post

First Weekend as 6

Spear and I left Ben and Liz’s house and headed to Target! I gave him his bottle in the Starbucks there (SO jealous of these super fancy Target’s with Starbucks in them) and then did… View Post