Pumpkin Patch 2013

I love that our local pumpkin patch is located on our way to church! Makes it super easy for us to stop by on the way to Bible Study on a Wednesday night! This year we ate an early dinner and left with plenty of time to pick out our pumpkins and enjoy the patch!

Last year was a NIGHTMARE. I had to go back to the pumpkin patch to even get one decent picture of the kids. It was really when I realized how Britt is a slow-to-warm personality and I was hopeful that this year would be more of a success with her now that I know she needs some time to get used to new things. It was awesome! She LOVED it and had a blast the entire time! 

It’s probably the first time Britt has worn anything smocked? I know it’s probably gonna shock yall haha. Zach was NOT happy about it but I got the dress from Courtney (it was Payton’s) and it was perfect for the location. Plus she’s only going to be little enough to rock these dresses for so long and they are the southern STANDARD when it comes to little girls clothes. She has to wear a smocked gown at some point right?!?! 

These first two pics are SO funny! What the heck was up with Britt’s eyes?

Zach and I decided awhile back that we will always only carve ONE pumpkin as a family. If we let each kid get a pumpkin it would become very expensive as well as quite the pain with the carvings! The kids picked out a super huge pumpkin as our family one and we let them each get small ones for their rooms. 

Since the patch is at a church (Park Avenue if you’re local) they have events on Wednesday nights as well. I guess that night was something special because a band was setting up and starting to play some music. Britt was so so cute. She was a dancing machine and got much more attention than the band did! 

Our Pumpkin!

Hands on the hips like her mama 😉

Playing a game while waiting to leave

And she’s had enough haha

I’m SO glad this year was such a better experience! Britt is finally getting to a really fun age to go and do things. She was precious and we all were able to relax and just have FUN! Here are all our past visits to the patch:






  1. ChelleyN
    December 3, 2013 / 5:10 am

    You got some GREAT photos! I'm not a smocked dress fan either, but you're right – they are a southern standard and so many people are nuts about them. Britt's dress was cute for the event, though 🙂

  2. Amber Kanzelmeyer
    December 3, 2013 / 2:58 pm

    Great pictures! I love the smocked dresses they are timeless to me. But they are so expensive I can't justify buying one until she stops growing so quickly so she can wear it more than a few times.

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