I missed Stacey!

Thank the LORD my regular mid-wife, Stacey, was finally back today from her maternity leave! I’ve been missing her a lot!!! On the way to the dr. this morning I felt Clover kick for the… View Post

Good Times with Great Friends!

Zach and I both realize that bringing a baby into the world will change our lives forever! We are so blessed to have two amazing friends that we know will not only help us through… View Post

Curly Hair Baby

Several things to update: First: I took my wedding ring off during night church and my fingers are swollen like crazy! You could see the indention where the ring was! Second: I’m mega uncomfortable. MAJORILY!!!… View Post

Kicking Clover!

Sooo Clover kicked me tonight in the ribs! First time! And yes, it does hurt! We were playing monopoly and I was like “what was that?” b/c I felt something hard and I realized it… View Post

Everything takes longer than expected…

Pretty much nothing ever goes right on the first try for me! And poor Zach now has the same bad luck I do 🙂 He has a busy work week this week (again! but it’s… View Post