Letter to My Daughter on Her 11th Birthday Love Mom: {Britt’s Bday Letter From Mom}

This post is a letter to my daughter on her 11th birthday. Britt’s 11th birthday letter from Mom.

Every year my husband and I write a happy birthday letter to each of our children for them to have to look back on over the years of their childhood.

To Britt, my dear daughter:

Happy 11th Birthday! The age you have always dreamed of being. It’s your Harry Potter special birth year – the big day when you will receive your 11th birthday letter to Hogwarts.

I know it’s been hard for you to accept that Hogwarts is, in fact, not a real place. I love the magic you have in your heart. I pray you keep that magic within you forever!

Even when we watched the documentary about the Harry Potter films you told me you chose to believe that J.K. Rowling wrote the books about an actual place. While they may not be true themselves, they are based on true stories. I love how much you love the series and how special it is to you!

You listen to the Harry Potter books on audio over and over and over. Truly, every day. I’m sure by now you know them by heart!

While I know you’re a bit sad today that you’re not heading on the Hogwarts Express. I’m thankful that you get to stay home with our little familiy and continue to be my sweet little girl!

This year has been such a special one with you. We celebrated your 10th birthday in style by heading to Colorado to experience skiing and snow!

You are such an athlete and I knew you’d love getting to ski on real snow (a much different experience than North Carolina!). While it was a trip we may always joke about for how tough it was in so many ways, you did love skiing and we had so many fun family moments together that made it special. We won’t, however, be taking a big ski trip again for a while!

Disney is our favorite place together. You’re my “Disney BFF.” We both love the parks in the same way – that magic you feel about all things Harry Potter is the same way you and I both feel when it comes to Disney World.

We. Love. It.

And being together at the parks with you is ALWAYS the best time! You make everything so FUN!

This year we had a girls trip – just you, me and Tessie as we completed the Character Challenge by meeting all the characters in all the Disney theme parks (they were finally back to doing meet and greets again after Covid).

That trip was my favorite Disney trip ever. It was SUCH a special day and just so much FUN and I know we’ll have lots and lots more girls trips to Disney in the future.

Even if we just visit the parks for a couple hours we always have the best time!

You are entering into the pre-teen stages of life and are doing so in a beautiful way. From getting your ears pierced when you turned nine to beginning to trim your leg hair to now shaving them for the first time – you’re growing up!

I probably say this in every single birthday letter I write to you but that’s just because it is so accurate – each stage of parenting gets better and better with you!

When I was growing up I always heard how horrible the teen years would be for my mom and then guess what? They were, in fact, terrible.

Having my own daughter brought with it my own fears – would our relationship be a repeat of the one I experienced? I am so blessed and thankful and honored to say that NO we don’t, and won’t, have a difficult relationship.

Our bond, in fact, only continues to strengthen and build as you get older. We can relate about things. Have deeper talks. Connect in new ways.


And I have full confidence that the teen years up ahead? They’ll only continue to be fantastic. Because YOU are fantastic my darling girl!

Even though you are my second baby, in so many ways we are learning together. And I love learning alongside you.

You may be a “true Parker” in many ways and be more similar to Daddy and relate more to him in certain aspects, but you’re a “personal growth junkie” like your mama.

I love that we both strive to better ourselves and are constantly encouraging each other on our journeys. I love that we can talk about anything and that you know anytime I come to you that it’s out of love and that I only have your best interest at heart.

This year has seen a lot of you growing up but it’s also started to see some of the not-so-wonderful parts of pre-teen life. As you’re currently in 5th grade and we’re starting to experience some of the “mean girl” issues.

I love that you care so much about others and want to be in community with them. I know you seek good friends. I know it breaks your heart when those hard times come that you are left out or roped into drama.

I hate that, as females in general, this is such an overarching issue. Why can’t we just all build each other up? Why all the constant drama sagas?

I’m very proud of the way you stand up for yourself (I admire that trait in you!) and that you’d rather stand alone then follow a crowd. That will serve you well for your entire life. You, my darling daughter, are so special!

You, of course, know you are NEVER actually alone. You’re a child of God who loves you and is always there alongside you. Trust God – He will always lead you to the right choice in life and will help you take that first step whenever you feel unsure.

You also have me who will always be on “Team Britt” and here for you my sweet girl! You are my forever first baby girl!

And you also always have your sister.

The bond you two share is a sort of magic all on its own. She always says you are her “safe space” and I know that means so much to you and that you lean on her just as much as she leans on you! I love that you both have a best friend for your whole life.

This past year she’s really leaned on you more than ever (and asks to sleep with you most nights!). Most older siblings would find little sisters annoying – but not you. It brings you just as much joy having her look up to you as it brings me to see the two of you together.

I pray that the bond continues to grow as you grow older. That new friends will come but none will ever come close to the purest form of friendship you have in each other. Your bond is one of my greatest joys!

I know we’re soon entering a big change with you leaving Elementary School. That transition to middle school will bring with it some moments of distance between you – I pray you always know you are each other’s true best friend and that even when your roads may lead you along different paths you always continue to root for each other and stay as connected as you are!

Speaking of big changes this year, we are also in the process of building a new home. Out of the entire family you’re the most excited about this change.

You’ve loved going out to the land with Daddy and helping him in the woods and watching the new house be built. You’ve been a great help at home as well as you LOVE to organize and it’s been great in helping me purge and get the old house ready to sell.

I know the move will be an emotional shift for our little family and I’m thankful for your positive energy about it to help me feel more excited as well!

You have loved gymnastics for 5 years and this year decided to try something new – volleyball.

I love how much you jump in and go ALL IN. You quickly fell in love with the sport. You are so coachable and strive to constantly improve.

You are such a positive force for your team and cheer everyone on with such heart! You are an encourager and lift others up – such a great quality in a teammate. I love watching you learn and grow and am so happy you found something you love so much!

You are so smart, you enjoy school and excel in each subject with ease. Spelling may be your only struggle and it’s a bit funny because Daddy is the same way – maybe poor spelling is genetic?

While you do well in school, I wouldn’t say you love to learn. You are more about the social aspects! While you are a hard worker you also have a great sense of humor and don’t take your studies too seriously.

Reading is not your favorite (yes, you love Harry Potter but only the audiobooks!) so I’ve been trying to implement some daily reading time and encouraging you to seek out a love for reading.

Hopefully, with some positive incentives, you’ll become a lifelong reader!

As you’re currently in your last year of Elementary School I hope you soak up the FUN. Getting to be “top dog” of the school is such a neat experience.

I remember my 5th grade year and was so sad when Kye missed his due to Covid. I’m so thankful you get to have this experience!

I am also thankful we made the decision to have Spear, your little brother, attend preschool at your school with you this year. You are such a good big sister to Tess, but to Spear also. They are blessed to have you as their older sister!

It helps me feel comfortable knowing you’re there with him and looking out for him on the bus each day. It’s so neat that all three of you get to be at the same school together this year!

I am so proud of YOU. For who you are. For the light you always shine for Jesus. For the true self you stay commited to being. For never being shy to stand firm on your own opinions – you are a strong girl who will surely grow into an amazing woman!

You make ME proud. You make our family proud. And most importantly, you make God proud!

This next year will be a wonderful one for you. Finding good friends, new home, new things to look forward to. While some hard things may happen as well I know we’ll always get through them together!

No matter what life throws at you it is so important that you KNOW you have your family along side you ech step of the way. You have your Lord and you have your Mama and your daddy and siblings. We have your back in everything!

You may not always do the right thing but you know right from wrong and you know that even when you may have a tough time good things come when you choose to follow God’s path for you.

I cannot WAIT to see you over the next few years. So many changes are on the horizon and I know you’ll only become a more wonderful, amazing young woman as you have been as a young girl.

You are forever my sunshine and I love you so much. Being your mom is one of my greatest gifts in life that brings me immeasurable joy and gratitude! God has big things and awesome plans in store for you!

Happy Birthday to my 11-year-old daughter – my forever sweet little girl.

Love, Mommy

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Letter to my daughter on her 11th birthday love mom - Britt's bday letter. Simple love letters to children on their birthdays.

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