Kye’s Birthday Slideshow!

It is CRAZY to believe that I’ve been a parent as long as I was in high school. The four years of high school seem just like yesterday and now I have a FOUR YEAR OLD KID!!! Where the HECK has the time gone?!?!?!

Today my sweet little baby boy is FOUR. FOUR. Like that is HUGE to me. I think it’s a lot harder to accept than going from two to three was for me. A four year old has NO baby left. He’s a legit KID now, ya know?

While I’m busy spoiling Kye all day today you can enjoy his birthday slideshow!!! Since I now have a Mac I debated going a different route for the slideshow and using Iphoto or Ivideo. I know Rachael uses them and loves them, but I am a stickler for tradition so I stuck with Smilebox. Although using IPhoto to make it made my life SO MUCH easier! This junk didn’t take half the time Britt’s did 🙂 

I picked three songs for his video this year. I did “Life is a Highway” from the Cars movie as it’s his favorite song (he is SO precious singing it at the top of his lungs when it comes on in the car!). I also did “Lean on Me” as it’s the song I have always sung to him since he was a baby (no, I do not sing the “we be jammin” part haha). I couldn’t think of a third song so I put the question out on Facebook and I LOVE the one I picked from the suggestions. It’s called “Find your wings” by Mark Harris and it’s awesome!

Be warned…it’s (of course) a super long video! 

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