Kye’s 5th Birthday Slideshow!

Yesterday was Kye’s 5th Birthday…total “Mom Fail” on not having this posted then. Confession? I didn’t finish it until last night! Haha! I blame my wonderful week away at Disney ๐Ÿ˜‰

The transition from Kye being three to being four was difficult for me…but him turning 5 isn’t as difficult. He is READY for 5 and all that it will bring his way and I just truly am so thankful and so blessed. Yes, I wish I could hold him and cuddle him and keep him little forever, but that’s not possible so rather than dwell on how quickly time is flying, I’d rather embrace the present and enjoy the fabulous ride! 

What IS harder for me to believe is that I’ve been a mom for five years. I mean that’s longer than high school. Longer than college. I look at college kids and still think I am close to their phase of life…yet I’ve been a PARENT for FIVE YEARS! Crazy!!! 

I truly am so beyond blessed to have my precious family and my sweet babies. Kye will always be special because he made me a mommy and that has been the greatest gift I could have ever asked for! 

Every year I put together a slideshow for each of my kids on their birthdays. I show it during their parties and it’s a look back at their past year. Even though Kye isn’t having a big party this year (Disney celebrations were AMAZING) I still wanted to do a slideshow and will show it at our small, family-only, gathering this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ 

When I made this I realized that Kye went to Disney THREE times during this past year. Um that’s awesome!!!

If you watched last years slideshow then you will notice I used the same theme one for this year but I just thought the flames fit his Lightning McQueen party theme best (I also used songs from the movie too)! This is long and I know most of you won’t watch it but if you do you get a treat at the end with some sneak peak pics from Disney!!!

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