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Hambricks: A Family Tradition

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We have a MILLION family traditions but going to Hambricks every year to cut down our own Christmas tree is the first one of the holiday season! It gets all the other traditions going! :)

I would have had liked to have gotten our tree earlier so we could enjoy it as long as possible but the day after we got back from Melbourne for Thanksgiving Zach had to leave for Alabama and didn't get back until friday so it had to wait for the weekend! It was supposed to be really icky weather on Saturday but we lucked out and the rain held off. It was ULTRA cold Kye got to wear his goofy winter hat I bought just for him to wear on walks when it's cold haha He rocked it though! Here are the pictures from our fun little family adventure! It is sooo much more fun as a family of three rather than two :)

 pumped for some tree hunting!
too heavy to be held for very long...
helping daddy cut down "the one"
this is such a goober face haha
our tree!!!
do the daddy thing and cutting it down
i love this one, so sweet! after the job was done!
Kye had SUCH a good time. He just LOVES being outside!


  1. Kye is so darn cute and I LOVE that hat!

  2. these ARE SO CUTE of Kye and I love the one of you and him by the tree. THAT HAT IS NOT UGLY LOL!!!! You are so brave to do the real tree thing. I always thought we would but man... It's just not worth it. I love my fake tree and evergreen candle. HAHA


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