Great Customer Service

This is my post about the best customer service I’ve ever had, my next post will be about my worst. And yes, they have both happened at about the same time!

I’m the kind of person who always considered myself to have “bad luck.” As I’ve grown up and matured I realize that I don’t actually have “bad luck.” Bad things do happen to me. It may take a lot more effort and a lot longer to get to a desirable end result in a lot of situations for me. I may face a lot of drama along the way but in the end everything always works out. I now think (after Ashley has pointed it out to me on several occasions!) that I have good luck. I’ve come to appreciate the little bumps in the road because I have faith that everything will work out, in the end, to be a positive result.

About a year ago we bought Kye’s nursery furniture from a store called Our New Baby in Thomasville, GA. We ended up buying the Ocean collection by Baby’s Dream. Looking back I realize we dropped more dough than we probably should have on all of the furniture but we plan to use it for at LEAST the next baby or maybe all of them so it’ll get it’s full use for sure. Since we got the furniture the drawers on the smaller dresser (which we use as his changing table) have always been harder to open and shut than they should be. I’ve just kinda dealt with it and not really given it much thought.

Now that Kye is mobile he loves opening and shutting the drawers (I allow this, he’s just not allowed to touch anything inside of them) and we’ve allowed him to have the bottom drawer of the changing table to be a play-drawer that has some toys in it. Well it’s been getting HARDER and HARDER to open and shut. Finally Zach took out all the drawers and inspected them and realized that the manufacturer actually spray painted the metal hinges! So dumb! Now the texture is messed up and it screws with the traction to make the drawers stick.

I tried to call the manufacturer although I figured they wouldn’t do anything about it. Well their website was down so I called the store where we bought it all from to ask them if they had a number for the manufacturer. The girl asked me what was going on so I was honest with her and told her that we’ve had the furniture for quite some time and explained our issues. She said to call back on Monday (this was Friday) and we’d figure something out. I tried calling Monday but didn’t get anyone so I called on Tuesday and they put me through to the manager.

He was SO nice! I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING from them and he told me that they are shipping me out a BRAND NEW DRESSER!!!! Can you believe that? He didn’t ask for any proof or anything! He didn’t even care that we’ve had the pieces for about a year! Isn’t that wonderful? He said “you paid good money for this furniture and it should be good quality.” THAT’S how customer service should be handled!!!

I was so thrilled to tell Zach and we both agreed that the next baby we WILL be using them again (we won’t need furniture but plan to just buy a nice chair as the chair we bought for Kye will be in our room for me to nurse instead of in the nursery!). Even if they end up being more expensive than another store it’s worth it to know that they back up their products! I was SO thrilled and so impressed at how quickly, smoothly, and efficiently the whole thing was handled! If you’re looking for nursery stuff definitely check them out!

We thought about what to do with his current dresser since it’s a great piece of furniture just has messed up tracking. Zach thinks we can buy some new tracks and fix it so we may use it in our room! Just replace the hardware and it’ll match great 🙂

I also have to add a second best customer service experience lately! I got my bridesmaids dress from David’s Bridal in Jacksonville and got it home to discover some construction issues with the zipper. I called them and they told me to ship it to them and they’d fix it free of charge. I called to check on it yesterday (it’d been one week since I mailed it out) and they said it was already fixed and should be on my doorstep by Wednesday! Of course I haven’t seen the finished product yet but that was pretty dang impressive!!!

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