Gotta love the every two week check-ups

Zach and I both agree that it’s so dumb that they have me come in every two weeks now! We wait forever then get in the room, hear the heartbeat, and Stacey asks if we have any questions (I always do and she said I’m the only one who writes them down…how else do people remember?) then we leave. Today, however, I’m so glad we had the appointment!!!

During the class last night I thought up several questions to ask Stacey and the great thing about her is that she is so upfront and honest! I love that!

Some things we discussed:

  • She told me her birth story (she just had a son in October) and she had a tough experience. She stayed 4 cm for 8 hours! She didn’t want an epidural but ended up having one and didn’t want a c-section but ended up having one.
  • She told me that when the time comes she will make sure I can get in touch with HER directly and she will come in whether or not she’s on call!!!! (is that not so awesome???)
  • She also said that she will avoid having to have me in a c-section situation at all costs (I’m not some anti-c-section-nazi or anything but I want to have three more children and I know that if I can have most, hopefully all of them, vaginally that it makes it easier on future deliveries) and that as long as everything is good she’s totally fine with me pushing longer than the two hour limit the hospital usually sets!
  • She told me she understands where I’m coming from with not really wanting an epidural. What she recommended is for me to stay my butt at home as long as I can! I mentioned that they said to come as soon as my water breaks and she said as long as the liquid is clear I can stay home as long as I want (unless I don’t feel contractions for three hours then I need to come in). She said by staying at home I’ll be more comfortable and I’ll be less likely to have an epidural because by the time I get there it may be too late! Sounds like an awesome plan to me!!! Zach LOVES this idea too and we’re going to set up some ideas of things to do to pass the time!
  • A thing that irritated us during the tour of the hospital is that the birthing rooms HAVE tubs!!! But yet the hospital doesn’t allow us to use them during labor or delivery! What a joke! Do you KNOW how much we’d love to have a water birth? The teacher lady told us we can’t even use the tub at all! Zach asked Stacey about this and she said that if we are there a long time then they will probably let me get in it to relax but she said the tub is seriously the best thing ever and that most pregnant women don’t want to leave once they get in!
  • Our idea in response to the tub thing is another plus for staying home! We have a tub and I can chill in that junk for as long as I want 🙂
  • The video we watched in the class showed a million people using a birthing ball but yet the teacher lady said that they don’t really do anything. I asked Stacey about it (because I already have an exercise ball and they are the same thing) and she said they work great and that she loved hers! Rocking on it helps open up the pelvis area! So we plan to do that at the house too and bring it to the hospital with us!

  • Another thing I asked her about was her plans around my due date…and of course she’s going to be out of town from Feb 26th through March 7th! At first I was disappointed and worried because what if I go into labor while she’s gone? But the more I think about it the more I realize it’s probably a blessing! Because by that point I will be so so so so so ready and I’ll probably be tempted to do stuff to get this baby into the world and I’ll have to hold off in order for her to be there! She still gets back before my due date so that’s good!
  • We made some plans (the most you can for this type of thing) that I’ll schedule my weekly (yes, it moves to WEEKLY appointments soon) for the Monday she’s back (March 9th). She’ll check and as long as I’m 1 cm dialated she can strip my membranes (which puts a lot of people into labor within 24 hours) then I can go home and do the following things:
  • I can: get a pedicure, walk a ton, have sex, have Zach do some pressure point stuff, and drink castor oil! I’ll do it all in one day so that way I have an even better shot haha!!!!
  • I really think something off that list will work and hopefully I’ll be having a baby on the 10th! That’s the goal!!! Everyone makes fun of me for being so “planned” but hey my planning has worked so far…we did get pregnant our first try remember?
  • And if we’re late she said she’ll induce me 10 days after my due date

I’m off-track as far as my appointments go so I’m actually going again next week to have our last ultrasound! I’ll be 32 weeks next Thur and we have an appointment that morning! The size of the baby could give us a good idea on timing for this big event!

Oh and by the way…back at our 18 week ultrasound the ultrasound lady said “he” multiple times and this was after she saw the sex (but we didn’t) so Zach changed his percentages from thinking it was 50/50 chance of a boy or a girl to 60/40 boy…well this morning Stacey walked in and said “SHE” a couple times then said “oh I don’t know the sex I don’t know why I’m saying she” to cover herself! And keep in mind she has a SON so usually she says “he.” This makes me even more sure in my feeling that it’s a girl…but Zach hasn’t changed his percentages! haha!

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  1. Josh and Danielle
    January 8, 2009 / 2:59 pm

    I am so excited for you guys! I am glad your are blogging with so much detail, I feel like I won’t even need the classes when Josh and I are ready for kids! haha. I can’t believe you want 4! I am one of 4 and trust me, my mom was ALWAYS worn out! (My and the youngest are barley 4 years apart)

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