Adoption is a Mission Field

Adoption is a Mission Field. This post originally appeared at Christine Keys. Throughout my life I’ve heard people talk about feeling lead by the Lord in their lives. Feeling a tug on their hearts to… View Post

Why Baptism is Essential to Salvation: Kye’s Baptism

Kye has been asking for a couple of years now about baptism. It’s something we’ve studied together with him and read over scriptures and have known for a while that he fully understands what baptism… View Post

Thoughts on a Year.

Every day Facebook notifies me to check out “On This Day.” To take a look back at all the memories posted on Facebook on that exact day for every year that I’ve had an account.… View Post

I Forgive You

SO honored to have a new friend of mine, Adrienne from Blessed Beyond Exhaustion, guest posting today. She has such a great, encouraging blog and I am sure this post will hit home for many of you… View Post

Deciding Appropriate Entertainment Choices for Our Family

Growing up I was exposed to a wide range of entertainment options at a young age. I saw my first rated R movie at the age of 9 (Speed followed by The Body Guard). I… View Post