Child Car Sickness Survival Kit

Child Car Sickness Survival Kit

Anyone else totally struggle with car sickness for like your entire life?

I’ve been a sufferer of travel sickness and motion sickness in general for as long as I can remember.

When we travel I have to sit in the front seat or else I’m guaranteed to feel nauseous.

When we ride theme park rides I have to be mindful of where I sit or skip riding all together as if I start feeling sick I am DONE.

I’ve lucked out in parenting that we travel ALL THE TIME and I’ve never had a child suffer with car sickness even with ALL the road trips we take!

My kids handle long car trips. They love thrill rides. They never ever complain of nausea or feeling sick when traveling.

Child Car Sickness Realization

Then we added our fourth child to our family.

Ironically, we adopted him at birth and he’s the one who seems to have inherited my issues with car sickness!

Even from an early infant age I had times when my son would throw up in the car. Even just when driving around town on short car trips.

As he’s gotten older it’s become more apparent that it is truly motion sickness.

Babies spit up randomly. Puke on occasion.

But toddlers?

Over the summer we drove a couple of hours from home to the beach and we were just ten minutes away from our destination when he threw up.

I knew in that moment that I officially have a car sick prone kid on my hands!

Child Car Sickness Preparation

There is nothing quite like driving in the car and hearing THAT SOUND.

That sound that you KNOW means you are about to have an epic mess to deal with.

It’s shocking to me that I’ve gone through three kids and have not had to have any sort of car sickness struggle but now that I’m dealing with it I have learned that the key to battling it is being PREPARED.

Having a puke covered child is never fun, but it can be a nightmare or a simple quickly-handled mess depending on how well prepared you are.

And trust me, up until now I’ve been the battling-the-nightmare mom every time it happens!

I have learned a few things and am sure I will learn more along the way but I wanted to share them here for other moms who are looking for ways to prevent and be prepared for moments of travel sickness with their children.

child car sickness survival kit

Child Car Sickness Prevention

Obviously the best way to avoid car sickness is to not be in a car.

I don’t get sick on rides anymore. Because I don’t ride thrill rides that could cause me to get sick. Easy solution!

If you don’t want your motion sickness prone child puking in the car…then don’t take them anywhere.

But that’s not practical. My child has thrown up driving the 10 minutes to take his sibling to basketball practice.

Especially being a fourth baby he’s in the car A LOT and it’s just one of those things that we will have to deal with.

Another thing that TONS of people recommended to me when it comes to preventing car sickness for kids is to turn the car seat from rear facing to forward facing.


I would 100% rather clean up a puke covered child than have a dead child. Period.

Rear facing is THE safest way to ride in a car seat and it’s crucial to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible. Yes, well beyond age two.

I currently have a 5 year old who is still rear facing and will be probably until age 7 based on the height limits of her seat. Team extended rear-facing for life over here!

—–> You can read my thoughts on car seat safety after age 2 here

—–> You can also read more car seat safety tips you may not be aware of here!

Basically we have to drive in a car and my toddler has to be rear-facing in his car seat when traveling in the car.

That means I have to find other ways to prevent car sickness for him.

The best tip I’ve learned so far in preventing car sickness?

Avoid eating prior to or during travel times. Traveling on an empty stomach is the best way to ensure if he does feel sick on our road trip that he won’t throw up.

When we travel we make sure we feed him at least an hour or so prior to leaving for the trip.

We are also mindful as to what we feed him.

We stick to very bland foods and avoid milk.

When traveling in the car we avoid snacks and drinks as much as we can and when we stop to eat a meal while traveling we make sure to leave PLENTY of time to eat inside a restaurant and allow for playtime after the meal for the food to settle and to allow him to burn off energy.

Our son tends to get sick when he’s really upset. We have had to make adjustments to how we travel in the car.

If he gets fussy, we do whatever we can to help calm him in order to avoid puking.

We turn on a movie. We hand him toys. We open the windows to allow fresh air.

Child Car Sickness Survial Kit

No matter what steps you take to prepare for and prevent car sickness, it may still happen.

I have put together a Mommy Emergency Sick Kit to keep in my car!

It not only provides all the must-have items should car sickness occur, but it also gives me peace of mind knowing I have everything I need just in case.

My husband always says that when you bring the rain gear to a theme park it won’t ever rain and my hope is the same with this…have everything you need on hand to clean up puke and hopefully that means puke won’t happen 😉

Here is everything in my car sickness survival kit!

This list is easy to print if desired as well to take to the store to stock up on all the items or you can also shop the links and easily add to cart without leaving home too!

Before sharing the items you can purchase online…I also wanted to mention a few you can’t!

  • Zofran: Zofran is a prescription medication that comes in multiple forms for both adults and children. It is best to get the dissolvable option if possible as it dissolves quickly in the child’s mouth and actually works faster than the pill version.
  • Grocery Bags: Ask for plastic when checking out at the grocery store and keep a few of those bags handy! SO easy to toss in the puke-covered items and tie up in the bag until you’re able to wash/throw things away.

Child Car Sickness Survival Kit

This sick kit is great to keep in the car to have on hand anytime a child (or adult) may struggle with travel sickness and is everything you need to clean up throw up on the side of the road:

Having this child car sickness survival kit on hand in your car at all times can be huge in helping to prevent car sickness and helping to make it easier to deal with when those times do occur.

I’ve listed my items in this post and have also created an Amazon list with them all to make ordering a breeze and you can access the list here!

—-> You can read additional road trip tips in this post!

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