Brittlynn and The Sippy

Just like I wasn’t in a rush to start Britt on solids, I also didn’t hurry into using the sippy.

I KNOW it’s important to get her going on it but I just want to live in a little fantasy world where she’ll stay a baby forever and just nurse her till she’s 18 haha.

I bought a random pink sippy cup at Publix (I think it’s a Nuby brand?) and figured we’d start giving it to her with water in it for her “snack” at 3:00.

It’s the only feeding of the day where she doesn’t get solids so I figured it’d be a good time to practice with the sippy.

I also dug out Kye’s old high chair toy and she plays with that while I’m getting food or her sippy ready for her.

 Here’s a video when I first gave her the cup

 She “got it” right away!

 Can’t figure out to tilt it up to drink it though

 It was also her first time tasting water, she had a MUCH better reaction to it than Kye did.

 This happens A LOT

 As does this…some frustration!

 drinking water together 🙂

It’s been a month since I introduced the sippy and I’d say she’s still not that great with it.

She LOVES drinking water but can’t quite figure out how to get much of it on her own.

She def has issues with the whole tilting it thing. I only give her the small cups (7 oz) and I am sure to fill them COMPLETELY up to make it easier for her to get the water out but maybe I should try a straw????

Any recommendations???

With Kye I found that the handled cups didn’t work so great and decided to use the Take and Toss brand.

The great thing about them is that they are CHEAP.

While they are considered “disposable” I haven’t actually ever thrown one away. Easy to wash. Simple to store. Long lasting. Did I also mention cheap?!?! My kinda cup!

I started trying her on this one on July 6th. I bought a few Disney Princess 10 oz sized ones for when she’s older and just used the pink lids on Kye’s old 7 oz cups.

I try to add a little girly touch to anything she gets as a hand-me-down when possible 🙂 I wouldn’t say this cup is helping her be more or less successful with drinking.

But since it’s my personal favorite I’m gonna stick with it for now and see how she does.

I noticed that I often would forget to give her the sippy at 3. Or not really forget but I’d choose not to.

Often Britt gets done nursing at her 3:00 feeding and Kye is still sleeping for his nap so I LOVE that quality alone time with her and don’t really want to spend it on sippy practice.

So I started offering her the sippy at every meal. Sometimes she drinks it, sometimes it never leaves the spot where I put it.

But I know with as many solids as she eats that she must get thirsty too and I want to get her used to drinking water with meals as it’s a healthy lifestyle choice!

 I wouldn’t say she’s a “sippy success” yet but she’ll get there!


  1. Emily in Iowa
    July 24, 2012 / 3:40 am

    Both of my girls loved this straw cup:  I started both of them on it around 8 months and they both still use it in the car today (39 months and 22 months old now.)  They also had issue with tipping the sippy cup, so this was a great solution for us!

  2. Laura
    July 24, 2012 / 4:30 am

    We use the soft nippled Nuby sippy cups. Both of my boys had way more success with the soft vs. the hard at first. Also, off subject… I was watching an episode of the Glades last night and one if the characters was flying to Valdosta! I had never heard if it until your blog. Small world!

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