Family Golf Outing 2012

It is funny to me that out of ALL of our family traditions that our golf outing is probably my favorite. Yes, battling intense summer heat just to watch Zach and Kye hit some balls it my favorite family tradition. I just love it! I feel like it appeals to all of us…Zach gets to enjoy a sport he loves, Kye gets to learn about golf and enjoy time with his Daddy, I get to take lots and lots of pictures and see my family enjoying themselves and Britt gets to cling to me non-stop which is totally her favorite activity πŸ˜‰

This year we went out to Stone Creek. I’ve never been out there before but it’s closer to our house than other places and that’s essential when trying to plan around a babies schedule. As soon as Britt was done nursing at her 3:00 feeding we woke Kye up and headed out to make our 3:30 tee time. We only played 9 holes and it took us about two hours. Not to brag…but our kids are so awesome. It was HOT. Yet they both stayed happy as could be! I was nervous that it’d be a disaster. We woke Kye from his nap and often times he’s a grump when we have to do that. Brittlynn also hadn’t ever been outside that long in that much heat. I thought she’d get bored and mega fussy and would disrupt Zach and Kye as well as other golfers. I need to have higher expectations…because Brittlynn was quiet, content, and played happily pretty much the entire time! Kye actually PLAYED a lot more golf than normal (last year I think he did like 3 holes then just ate snacks the whole time). Zach had a BLAST and I don’t think any of us where in a rush to leave! Here’s a nice 100 pics for you to enjoy from our outing πŸ˜‰ Taking pictures is what I enjoy about the tradition so I’m thankful my family doesn’t mind me going crazy!!!

This pink ball didn’t stay hers for long…

 His first swing he swung WAY too hard and fell on his tush haha

 She wasn’t too sure about the itchy grass

 Could the weather have been more perfect?!?!? I was shocked it wasn’t PACKED

 They have such similar walks

 Kye took it all very seriously

 Zach’s all proud of his shot and you can tell Kye’s saying “awesome!”

 Pro Golfers

 Kye did take a bit of a snack break

 Brittlynn was super interested in his snacks

 She’s getting to the “annoying little sister” stage pretty fast haha

 He may have taken golf breaks (typically Zach had him tee off then just took his ball to the green and let him putt) but he payed attention the ENTIRE time. He has a lot more golf knowledge now and would say “good shot Daddy” when Zach did well and “nice try Daddy” when he didn’t.

 Editing through these made me laugh: Kye’s eyes closed

 Then Britt’s eyes closed πŸ™‚

 Brittlynn did NOT take it very seriously πŸ˜‰

 Pretty soon we’ll have to have more than one golf cart for these outings!

 Her golf ball made for a good toy

 Watching the boys

 Coaching him up

 I’m sure they are saying “get in the hole!”

 He made it!


 Kye was very careful to always lift his club up to keep it from dragging

 Not only did he play well, he enjoyed watching Daddy play too

 Watching it together

 First rule of golf: Keep your eye on the ball

 Helping him get in proper position

 Trying again πŸ™‚

 Sticking your tongue out helps you hit better, duh

 Yes, score was carefully kept (and the scorecard is now in Kye’s room!)

 I love how he has his Daddy’s confidence in everything he does

 This was a hole Zach wanted to remember

 Zach hit the ball 335 yards!


We had one causality for the afternoon. This toy πŸ™ Britt kept dropping toys out of the golf cart and it was a pain for me to get in and out to pick them up so I started asking the guys to get them for me on their way back from hitting the ball. Well this toy fell out and I mentioned it to the guys when it happened but by the time they got done with that particular hole we’d all forgotten about it πŸ™ I realized it was missing when we were in the parking lot about to leave…worth going back for? Nope!

 I loved spending quality time with my kids!

 I cannot get over how GROWN UP he is!!!

 Daddy and his caddies

 You can get a better feel for how well Kye is doing with golf by watching this video πŸ™‚

 Annual pictures πŸ™‚

 Kye was actually ALL about the pictures this year, look at that stance!

 Father’s Day with his babies πŸ™‚

I thought it’d be fun to compare Zach and Kye on our annual golf adventure through the years:

You can go back and read about 2010 (for 2009 Zach and his dad took Kye golfing…Kye slept in his car seat while they golfed…) here.

 And you can read about 2011 here!

As always, it was a SUPER fun time!!! I LOVE that Kye enjoys golf so much (I remember fondly when it was his most spoken word everyday!). Neither Zach or I believe in forcing our children into certain interests. However, most people end up enjoying things that they are exposed to. We bought Kye clubs from an early age. The only tv Kye has ever watched (otherwise we watch movies) has been either golf or football clips. Zach takes Kye golfing with him when he can and will practice hitting balls in the yard on occasion. Hopefully, it will be a lifelong sport Kye will enjoy. Zach wishes he had started golfing from an early age and loves the special bond they can share together on the golf course! I love that we have this tradition as a family and I’m excited to see Britt running around the course next year with Kye’s old set of clubs πŸ˜‰

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  1. Julia
    July 24, 2012 / 3:32 am

    It's really funny, because my dad and I also have similar walks!

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