Britt Monthly Summary: October 2016

This is Britt’s summary from October!

This month Britt’s class had a Harvest Day! The kids dressed up in farmer type gear and had some cute themed crafts and such. I’m struggle city when it comes to farmer type stuff? My girls don’t even own any cowgirl boots. I’m thankful for this little plaid dress Payton passed down…it’s been used for several farm themed events 😉

Of course all the moms rocked plaid but ONE dad showed up in a plaid shirt and everyone went crazy over it haha

This month Britt started gymnastics! She’s been LOVING gymnastics for awhile now and Zach and I decided it wasn’t just a passing phase and was a worthwhile investment. She goes for an hour a week and truly enjoys it! 

Supporting Sister!

We also put together our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes this month

Britt is my high sleep needs child. She’s ALWAYS been that way. I’m thankful b/c she’s also my most high energy child too 😉 Even now. at almost 5 years old, I will have to WAKE her from nap. She’ll often sleep from 1- 5!!! 

Britt says when she grows up she wants to be a baker. She plans to be a mommy and to use her baking talents to bless others when they are sick or in need. She is ALL about helping in the kitchen!

The guys went to a football game one night so we had a girls night and had some candy corn ice cream and hot choc!

This girl LOVES some playground time and watching brother at tennis!

School pics 🙂

She always cracks Zach and I up at the things she purchases at the “General Store” at our church with her Bible Bucks! She bought this bell door hanger!

Circling ideas for Christmas!

My messy, messy eater

Britt’s obsessed with this one pair of shoes she has. They must have been a hand me down from someone b/c I don’t see myself buying platforms for my 4 year old haha but she LOVES them and would wear them every single day if I let her!

She’s growing up in a LOT of ways but whew the tears and whining are still a common struggle!

Britt loves loves loves looking like “twins” with Mommy and Tess!

More About Britt:

Well this month Britt said just about the best thing any of my kids could say to me. She told me that when she grows up she wants to be just like me. I asked her why and she said “Because you always keep your promises.” As someone who doesn’t currently have a relationship with my own mother, having my daughter tell me she wants to grow up to be like me means the world. I pray she always looks up to me and that I always give her a positive example that she wants to be like!

When we visited a local nursing home this month all the residents went crazy for Tess. She’s just at that adorable toddler stage. They kept saying how much of a pretty girl Tess was and Britt would interject and add “There is another pretty girl right here too!”


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