Tess Monthly Summary: October 2016

This is all about Tess from October!

First time trying French Toast!

I rarely talk on the phone but when I do my kids know I’m distracted…Tess totally took that moment to decide to try out some makeup haha

Operation Christmas Shoebox!

Whew. Well. This month was INTERESTING with Tess. She was cutting her big molars and yall it was nuts. Poop constantly and everywhere (and at school too yikes). Crying constantly. Downright disobedient. Even trouble at school! Not just once but TWICE and for not following directions AND hitting. Y’all. If she pulls one more clip then she will be the biggest discipline issue we’ve had at school ever and that’s counting both Kye’s and Britt’s entire school careers. (Kye has pulled a clip three times in his entire career, Britt hasn’t pulled any!). It shocks me because Tess is SO SWEET and SO EASY GOING. But this molar situation freaked me out. SOOOO thankful it was a short lived phase and we haven’t had any other school issues since!

My life this month. Covered. In. Poop.

At least she looks cute at school even if she’s being a class bully haha

This. This was Tess this month!

Along with this. 

And lots of this. 

Thankfully not all of the month was rough with her! We had our good times too 😉

Tess has taken over this purse (which was once mine and then Britt’s) and carries it EVERYWHERE! I kinda have a love/hate relationship with it b/c it’s annoying but also adorable.

“Smile Tess!”


If she doesn’t have her purse, she makes something else a purse 😉

One of my favorite blessings about Tess is how well she plays solo. She’s always done excellent with independent playtime and prefers solo play. She’s very much like Kye with that. Britt is the one that doesn’t care about toys, she just wants to be with people! It’s great on days that I have Tess at home because I’m still able to get things done while she’s content playing!

She’s not always avoiding trouble though when playing so quietly…Daddy wasn’t too thrilled about having to re-glue the lego plates on the table!

My favorite toy obsession she has is my childhood Puppy/Kitty/Bear/Horse Surprises 😉 I didn’t keep the mommies but the girls still play with all the babies I had growing up and I even have them in the box my mom stored them in!

Stickers are her fav!

She also loves the playground!

Watching Kye at Tennis!

She’s OBSESSED with climbing which STRESSES. ME. OUT.

Tess is not only (typically!) easy at home, she’s also easy to run errands with!

All three of my kids have loved wearing hooded bath towels and love to run around scaring people while wearing them

(Here Tess is also playing with a childhood toy of mine!)

We found out in September that our cat, Zeke, had feline diabetes and we knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer. Out of everyone in the family, Zeke has been especially close to Tess. I knew the loss would be tough for her and I tried to capture as many pics of them together as I could! I know she is little but I bet money she’ll remember him when she grows up! (We had to put him down last week, you can read about it here)


Even when she had a rough month, she still makes me smile!

Tell me she’s not adorable!!!


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