Britt Monthly Summary: January 2018

The theme of this month for Britt was dealing with her TEETH. Whew. The day Spear and I came home from our ICPC stay in Florida Britt and Tess were running around and bumped into each other. Britt had significant damage to two of her top teeth, but especially the front one. It looked okay for a bit but then got darker and darker. I had an appointment for all the kids to get cleanings in February but called to see about getting Britt’s bumped up before school started back in Jan. Although she wasn’t insecure about the way the tooth looked, I was nervous for her to go to school with it that dark!

Britt had her regular cleaning and then the dentist came over and we discussed options. He said she is about to lose a TON of teeth all at once and one of them would be the dark one if I wanted to wait it out. Buttttt we have the Aflac accident policy and since this was an accident we could file the claim and it’d pay to have it taken care of so I wanted to go for it.

I discussed it with Britt and she was down to have it pulled. When we made New Year’s resolutions this year she was SO quick to say she wants to be brave! I talked to her about how God gives us opportunities to work on things and this was a chance for her to be brave and work on that goal.

Yall. Britt is what I’d consider to be a dramatic child. But she did AMAZING. She was EXTREMELY brave and didn’t even get laughing gas (it was an option, but was expensive and they said sometimes it freaks kids out so I asked her what she wanted and she said she’d rather just do it without). I personally get pretty freaked over the needle for the Novocain but Britt was AMAZING. I’m so, so proud of her!

Kye and Tess watched a movie and Spear slept ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Big girl!!!

Popsicle treat for reward

Before and after!

The dentist was def right though. She lost teeth SO FAST. We did laugh because that tooth def would have fallen out on it’s own very soon anyway! I don’t regret having it pulled, especially because it gave Britt that opportunity to really work on her bravery! 

Kye has become the expert tooth puller in our house and takes pride in pulling Britt’s teeth ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

3rd tooth gone! 

4th tooth gone!


Now she’s missing both front top teeth and both front bottom teeth!


It’s so crazy how different a child can look in just a months time! She went from only having lost 1 tooth to having lost 4!!! She’s literally growing up before our eyes and has almost caught up to the amount of teeth Kye has lost. 

I’m a total nerd when it comes to this stuff and think it’s so interesting how Kye had delayed bone age and has been slow to lose his teeth/get adult teeth. Britt has grown very quickly very young (we’re guessing she probably has advanced bone age like I did) and she got teeth in quicker and is losing them quicker too. 

Britt has really become more and more into fixing her hair and just into appearances overall. I personally feel like this is a typical girl thing. We notice appearances more. Of ourselves, of others. I know boys are visual but I just think girls are naturally more critical of those types of things. Britt has started complimenting me randomly about little changes I make in my appearance and will ask to fix her hair like mine and want to look like me. I’m allllllll about it and think it’s so sweet and so fun and a big perk of being a mother of daughters!

Her hair will NOT hold curl though so when I do mine wavy and she wants to copy we struggle!!!

We also figured out how to do “Rey” hair from Star Wars (this was my first attempt and I’ve perfected it now!)

It’s important to me to focus quality time with each of my kids so this month I did individual mommy dates and set aside time to have game time with each kid. We played a game of their choosing just the two of us. Britt struggled the most with this! She did NOT like me playing with someone else and feeling “left out” but I kept reminding her that her turn would come ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Tess haha

Britt wanted to spend her time playing Yeti in my Spaghetti! 

Zach also wanted a date with a kid and he and Britt went to Steak and Shake together! Since he and Kye spend the most quality time together doing “guy stuff” Zach is always good about making sure to give the girls that quality time too! Britt LOVES their special times together!

Britt is a learner! She soaks up knowledge and just loves to learn! She works so hard at school and is always getting compliments from her school teachers and church teachers too. She memorizes her Bible verses and is doing AWESOME with her reading skills! 

First library book!

101st day of school

(I’m that mom who totally bought some Dalmatian accessories off Amazon…here’s a link!)

This had me laughing out loud…at first glance I totally thought she had drawn a picture of Hitler haha

I know people comment to me about how rarely Britt is with Spear in photos. And I’ll be real…she’s the least interested in him out of all the kids. It’s not that she doesn’t love him, because she does! But she’s just not that into being hands on with him. I’m not sure if it’s her personality or age or maybe she just isn’t going to be a “baby person?” Personally I don’t really consider myself much of a baby person either. I ADORE my babies and love my family member’s babies and friend’s babies…but if you put me in a room with a toddler or a baby and asked which one I’d rather interact with I’d choose the toddler hands down. I used to always say I wished I could birth a three year old ha! The baby stage isn’t my favorite (so much so that so far I haven’t even been emotional or sad about Spear being my last baby experience) and I’m just SO interested to see if Britt ends up feeling the same way I do! 

She’s an incredible big sister and loves being in that role. She’s especially amazing with Tess and adores all of her siblings! Just on her terms ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Videos of Britt from this Month:


  1. Mellina Rykowski
    March 29, 2018 / 8:17 pm

    I know this is totally random but I also have hair that refuses to hold a curl. I bought the Chi Air 1โ€‘in. Spin N Curl Ceramic Rotating Hair Curler recently and it's AMAZING. My hair has curl literally all day. It's easy to use and has a timer so you don't curl for too long. It's not inexpensive ($99.99) but it's on sale at Kohl's right now for $79.99. It's been life changer. It's literally the fourth curling tool I purchased trying to get a new haircut to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Abby
    April 4, 2018 / 11:05 pm

    My daughter has super straight hair and it won't hold a curl from a curling iron. However, we found curl formers on amazon and those do the trick! They aren't super comfortable to sleep in, so when we've done her hair curly, I get it wet and then put the curlers in, and blow it dry if we are low on time.

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