BFBN Week: Making TIme for your Relationship

Today’s Babywise Friendly Blogger Spotlight is on Maureen from Childwise Chat. I LOVED her post today and it’s totally not what you’re expecting from the title 🙂

Even though I’m a stay at home mom I DO have to put thought and effort into spending quality time with each of my children and fostering that relationship with them. It’s an easy thing to let slide with the rush, rush, rush of life!

My favorite quote from her post is this:“We all hope that our children will grow up holding the same values that we hold ourselves. We all have high hopes for our children. We hope that they will grow to be adults guided by honesty, integrity, persistence, grace, love, and any other positive character trait you can think of. But if we have no relationship with our children, how far will we get with this?”

How true is that? I know for me personally we spend 20-30 min a night playing board games with Kye and that gives us our quality time with him. I also focus on anytime we have together…like in the car. Driving to and from school is a GREAT time to talk and we have some of THE BEST conversation during those drives!


I LOVE her tips about scheduling that quality time as part of your routine during the day and how building on that relationship with your child can have an affect in other areas as well such as sleep and behavioral issues!

Be sure to visit Childwise Chat today and check out this great blog post! It def got me thinking about my relationships with my children! What things do you do to build those bonds?

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