Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week!

When it comes to blogging I am passionate about keeping my blog about my children and my little family, however I am also very passionate about Babywise and feel if I can use my blog as a tool to bless other families with Babywise knowledge then I’ll do it! I’m the new kid on the blog with the Babywise Friendly Blog Network and this is my first time taking part in the week devoted to spotlighting the other blogs who are members!

Each day this week I’ll be giving you a little taste of what some of the other blogs are posting about and the link to their site so you can go visit! And yes, I’ll still be posting up regular blog entries too. I mean I’m already behind enough, right?

Today’s Babywise Friendly Blogger is the MOTHER of all Babywise blogs. At least in my opinion. Valerie is a mother of four yet still has time to manage the babywise blog (Chronicles of a Babywise Mom) as well as the google group associated with it (which is the group I send majority of you to when you have questions!). She’s my idol, for real. I’ll probably say it anytime I ever mention her because she’s that amazing!

Anyways today she’s blogging about teaching children life skills! Who doesn’t have a goal to teach their children life skills? Our kids will only be kids for a short little while…they will spend the majority of their lives as adults so it’s our job to prepare them for that!

I love the part of the post where she says “Despite the great help that comes when children learn to help around the home, this is not the primary reason we teach our children these skills. The primary reason is because it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children. We are in charge of teaching our children and preparing them for life. Your child is not going to learn how to cook and clean just because it happens in your home any more than your child will learn to read just because you have books in your home. Sure, some kids do all of those things. Most, however, need some instruction.”

She offers up 10 GREAT tips to train our children in the area of life skills…a pinterest worthy post for sure 🙂 Be sure to check it out today over on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom! And check back in all this week as I feature other Babywise Friendly Blogs, including my own on Thursday!

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