BFBN Day: How to Ease Your Toddler’s Fears and 9 Ways to Teach Bravery

Today the spotlight is on Katrina from Mama’s Organized Chaos as she shares ways to ease your toddler’s fears. So often as adults we can be annoyed by fears our children have because, to us, they seem irrational. It’s so important to try to put yourself in your toddler’s shoes and to communicate with them to work through the (very real to them!) fears they are having.

Be sure to read Katrina’s post today here for more on this topic!


Natasha, from Let’s Be Brave, is also a spotlight blogger today on our topic of fears. Her post is 9 Ways to Teach Bravery. I’m ALL about empowering our children. Focus on the positive! Build them up! And I love Natasha’s take on how to encourage our children to be brave. 



And check in with all the fellow Babywise Friendly Blog Network Bloggers this week:


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  • Friday: Emily from Journey of Parenthood – How to Help Prevent Childhood Fears

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