BFBN: Cry It Out (or don’t!) and Does Babywise Diminish Milk Supply

Y’all. I’m SO EXCITED about the two spotlight posts today!!! Our topic for the week is common Babywise misconceptions. Both of the topics today I’ve heard a BILLION times. “I could never do Babywise because I can’t ignore my baby when he/she is crying” OR “I breastfeed and Babywise will RUIN your milk supply.”

I’m pretty passionate about both myths and am SO thankful that Carrie from Wiley Adventures and Kim from Team Cartwright are covering these topics. I get TOO passionate about them and it’s probably better to just send people to their posts rather than try to bust these myths myself 😉

First up is Carrie’s post on Cry It Out (Or Don’t!).

Here is my favorite quote from her post: “Every human being needs to learn how to self soothe and we all need to be able to put ourselves to sleep by ourselves. Is sleep training a part of this? Yes! Absolutely! Most babies are not born with this ability and need to be trained to do this. CIO is one way to do this, but it’s not the only way. For my first three CIO, worked BEAUTIFULLY. If I rocked LK, she would just cry anyway. We did 2 nights of CIO and eight years later, she is still the best sleeper in our house.”

Tess was JUST like her daughter…If I went in and held her she’d cry worse and stay up longer than if I just let her fuss! 

Also today Kim from Team Cartwright is talking about Breastfeeding and Babywise.  

A super common misconception is that having a baby on a set routine will cause milk supply to diminish. I know when I was nursing and struggling a bit I called a LLL leader in our area and was lectured BIG TIME that my routine with my baby should be nurse all day long. I was polite but got off the phone as fast as I could because I knew that wasn’t the best path for my baby and that I didn’t need to be nursing around the clock to have a successful experience with breastfeeding. 

I nursed Kye for 10 months, Britt for 13 and Tess for a little longer than 14. And all three were Babywise Babies! You can read more about how Babywise DOES NOT ruin milk supply in Kim’s post!

Also be sure to visit all of the Babywise Bloggers this week!

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