BFBN: Babywise Works FOR You and Schedules Keep us FLEXIBLE!

It’s been SO super awesome to be part of this amazing group of Babywise Bloggers for several years now and to see how it’s grown and changed over the years. We have SO many members now that we have to double up on our feature days which is a great “problem” to have!

Today we have two spotlight bloggers:

Shea from The Moses Home is discussing how scheduling makes your child more flexible. I LOVE this quote from her post: “So many view On Becoming Babywise philosophies as strict and rigid with no room for flexibility. Everyone has to succumb to the baby’s scheduling needs. These have absolutely not been true for me, and even beyond that, the opposite has been my experience. The schedule works great for day to day living and the schedule actually allows my child to become flexible when needed. Babywise has been a gift to our entire family, 4 times over.”

I love reading Shea’s blog because she has FOUR kids (all beautiful girls!) and she gives me a sneak peek into what my life will be like with four someday ๐Ÿ™‚

Natasha from Let’s Be Brave is also posting today. And I also LOVE her topic about how Babywise Works FOR YOU! This quote from her post especially resonates with me: “Many people who think of babywise immediately think of hyperscheduling or cry it out or whatever.  And while babywise does incorporate a schedule and encourages you to allow your baby to learn how to self-soothe, what it’s NOT doing is demanding you stick to a rigid schedule or let your baby cry for hours and hours and hours.  Babywise provides the skeleton for structure; it’s a parenting tool.  It doesn’t get to make demands of you or dictate exactly how you sleep train your baby.  That’s all you, mama. “

Natasha’s blog brings such an awesome perspective as she is a foster mama! Seeing how Babywise principals benefit children in foster care is SO awesome! I admire her so much ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone who has called themselves a “Babywise Mom” has heard some of the common myths and misconceptions that we’re working to debunk this week! Be sure to visit the spotlight bloggers each day. I’m looking forward to my post on Friday!

  • Monday: Valerie at Chronicles of a Babywise Mom talking about the Myths versus Realities of Babywise.
  • Tuesday: Katrina at Mama’s Organized Chaos talking about the realities of Babywise and the schedule – babywise isn’t imposing a schedule; it is learning the ideal schedule.
  • Wednesday: Shea at The Moses Home will be talking about how having a schedule actually makes you flexible, not rigid, and Natasha at Let’s Be Brave is talking about how babywise is supposed to work for you; you don’t work for babywise.
  • Thursday: Carrie at Wiley Adventures is talking about how Babywise and Cry It Out do (or don’t) go together, and Kimberly at Team Cartwright will be discussing how scheduled feedings do not diminish milk supply.
  • Friday: Cole at Twinning Babywise will be discussing how babywise is so much more than just sleep training. I will finish us off talking about how it’s possible and doable to implement babywise with multiple kids.

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