Baby #3 12 Week OBGYN Visit

Pregnancy update for this week will be up later today but I wanted to write this first so I can reference it in the next post as needed!

This morning I went to my 12 week checkup! It was crazy quiet in the office?!?! I guess 8:50 is a good time to have an appointment! I was literally only there for like 30 minutes total. That never happens!

Blood pressure looked good! I wore a sweater dress and boots and didn’t take them off for the scale and it said I was like 5 lbs less than last visit. I’ll take it 😉

I saw Stacy and it was good to catch up with her! Zach didn’t come with me this appointment as it was such a quick one. This time of the year he has SO MANY work meetings and he really doesn’t need to take off any other work days for anything if we can help it so I didn’t even ask him to come! I’d rather have some money in the bank to pay the bills haha!

I did film the heartbeat to be able to show Zach and also to show Kye as he really wanted to hear it. I think I want to try to take him to several appointments if possible. He is SO interested in everything and I think he’d enjoy getting to be there!

You can hear (and see) Leo’s heartbeat here!

I know everyone is gonna say that Leo is a girl based on the heartbeat being in the 160’s. Supposedly anything above the 140s is a girl. Well…that hasn’t been true with my babies so far! They both had pretty high heartbeats but Kye’s was always higher than Britt’s ever was!

We talked about the shot for my foot. I called this week and the ingredients in the shot are: methyltrednisolone, marcaine, and xylocaine. She said the only one that would matter at all is the longest word one. It’s a “c” on the classification chart meaning that it’s unknown if it could affect the baby or not. She said she has a friend who has a very similar concern with wanting the same shot in her foot for a similar problem and that her friend’s dr told her it’s fine to get it at any point in pregnancy. Stacy agrees but said to wait until the 2nd trimester just to be on the safe side. Since it’s a localized shot in that one area of my foot she feels fine about it not affecting the baby.

I plan to call my foot dr and see what he says. I know when I was newly pregnant he said I really do need to get the shot if possible during my pregnancy to help heal my foot. While I HATE the idea of injecting my body with anything that could harm my baby at all…I also trust my drs and know that I don’t want to jeopordize my foot longterm either. Plus that long “M” word is very similar to prednisone with I know Courtney had to take throughout both of her pregnancies (orally) to help with her lupus. Colt and Payton are FINE and HEALTHY and that was a way bigger amount in her system than this shot would be in mine. Thinking about that perspective makes me feel better about it!

We talked about the genetic testing debate and basically she said she wouldn’t do it. We will get the ultrasound at 18 weeks and review it with her and if anything “abnormal” pops up then she will totally recommend for us to get it. But if we were to get it and something did come up with it then it is often a false positive (unneeded worries) and it requires more decisions about further testing. One of the tests has a 1 in 200 miscarriage rate. Um no WAY would I do that! She told me to google around a bit about “quad screening” and talk it over with Zach and decide.

I asked about having to have an IV and pitocin. She said if I stay home longer this time than I did last time then they won’t have time for an IV (score!). With Kye I stayed home until 4 cm (and I asked them if I could go back home when they checked me haha). With Britt I stayed home until 6 cm. So I think 8 cm is totally doable with Leo! Our hospital is only 10 min away and as long as I have childcare lined up who can be here quickly then I feel okay about it. She also said the Pitocin isn’t a “must have” and that if she is able to deliver me that she won’t administer it.

Casey has concerns about eating canned food so I asked Stacy about it since I do enjoy canned tuna and she said I don’t need to worry about heating it before eating it but that I should avoid canned foods anyway for the most part b/c the sodium will cause swelling.

I know I posted a picture of me with some TUMS on Instagram last week but I actually haven’t taken any haha. I didn’t feel comfortable taking them without asking her first and she said they are fine to eat like candy if I need them.

We also talked about my next ultrasound. With Kye we let them look at the gender and they had it on my chart. It was stressful. Whenever I went to an appointment I was naturally paying close attention to if they said “he” or “she” and Zach and I both wished we hadn’t let the tech look. With Britt we told them not to even look at all. Not to put anything on my chart about it. I didn’t want ANYONE knowing.

This time what Zach and I have decided (which I will discuss more next post) is that we DO want them to look and to write it down and seal it in an envelope. I will then send it to a trustworthy friend who will be the ONLY person who knows the sex of our baby. That way they can order parts of the nursery for me to make it have gender specific things. I LOVE the idea but was nervous about them looking. Stacy said they HAVE to actually check so they HAD to look with Britt too! But that they won’t put it on my chart and will be able to write it down for me to send with no issues.

She also said that in all her years up there she has only had ONE time where the ultrasound tech was wrong! That def made me feel okay about doing it and about Casey’s baby being legit too with what was announced at the party (also coming next post!)

It was a quick, easy visit! I didn’t have one at 12 weeks with Kye and Britt…theirs fell at 10 weeks so you can see Kye’s appointment here and Britt’s appointment here! 


  1. ChristiK
    January 17, 2014 / 6:59 pm

    Yay for a good appointment. I always liked early appointments. I had a feeling drs had to look for the gender. With our first after pre term my dr never told me but after I had my son, I had a feeling he already knew the gender and did things to increase his chances if having no delivery issues. But he never told me.

  2. Robyn Mullican
    January 19, 2014 / 7:42 pm

    I totally agree about the genetic testing based on the ultrasound results. With LL, her 18 week ultrasound was great, so we didn't worry about testing. When Coop's 18 week ultrasound came back with issues, we decided to go ahead and do the testing this time. We knew it would give us a lot more information about him, and they also said it would help the doctors in Macon be able to give us a much more accurate look at how healthy he was. So I would just wait. If the ultrasound is great, I wouldn't worry about it!

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