12 Weeks Pregnant!

This is probably going to be a long post…lots to talk about as it’s been a busy week πŸ™‚ You can see my OBGYN appt from this morning here!

Baby Growth: This week Leo is developing reflexes and can open and close his or her fingers and such! Leo is roughly 2 inches long (size of a lime…yay for a fruit I’ve actually heard of!) and weighs half of an ounce.

I’ve been asked by a couple people what site I refer to for this info and I use babycenter! I love that you can store your due date (and other children’s birthdays) and get info about it emailed to you!

Symptoms: After I posted last week about my sickness in the evenings I started thinking that my symptoms sounded kinda like reflux? I’ve never had it before but my sweet friend Kelly recommended getting Tums to help treat it. I had Zach pick some up and posted this “sick Emily” picture with the Tums. But didn’t actually take them haha! I really don’t like taking stuff while pregnant so I wanted to wait and ask Stacy. Kelly recommended drinking some milk. And ya know what? It helps!!! 

I used to be a BIG milk drinker. I’m talking I drank it at every meal. With both pregnancies I drank it super often. But after I had Britt I started getting involved in the Advocare lifestyle. I started eating healthier and I pretty much quit drinking milk all together. I’ve started to have a glass of milk in the evenings (or eat a bowl of cereal for dinner) and it has helped BIG TIME this week!!!

On Tuesday I got hungry for the first time yet this pregnancy! I was SO hungry at lunch time and legit wanted to eat when the kids did. The next day I got a craving for a bagel with peanut butter, bacon, egg and cheese. YUM!!! 

My left hand started to bother me early in the week. I remember with Kye I had to wear a cuff thing for awhile b/c I got carpal tunnel for the first time in my life. So random?

I did the elliptical one night this week. I went for close to 30 min and I guess I overdid it b/c it was Sunday night and I was still sore on Wednesday haha. I did Bradley stuff that night too and have been doing kegals pretty often (as I think about it…doing them now…tmi?). I went to do Bradley again a couple nights ago and every time I did the pelvic rock motion I got a pain in my chest? I have always heard when pregnant if anything hurts then stop doing it so I stopped.

Headaches are for sure here πŸ™ Boo. I’m still drinking my Spark/Rehydrate combo but I’m also still getting them. I take two tylenol when one sets in and it seems to be helping. It’s a good reminder for me to down more water too! Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget (sipping some now…).

Weight: Batteries are officially in the scale!!! I weighed myself when I first got pregnant and I was 136. I never planned on telling yall that b/c I was four pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight with BOTH Kye and Britt. I was 132 when I got pregnant with both of them! But now I don’t mind admitting the start weight b/c I weighed this morning and am 133 πŸ™‚ Down three pounds! The dr this morning had my weight at 136 and that was with a heavy sweater dress and ugg style boots on. I’ll take it! I told Zach it’d be AWESOME if I lost one more pound so I could officially be where I started with both kids πŸ™‚

Gender: Well I know it’s not MY baby but we did have the gender reveal party for Casey and Jordan this past weekend! Jordan’s parents came down for it (so sweet! I love them!) and, of course, all the Parker crew came out for the event! It was an ADORABLE party (the theme was touchdowns or tutus? too cute!)…post to come of course!!! I didn’t want to keep yall in suspense any longer so here are a couple pics from that day!

All the people who said TEAM BLUE!


 Love, love, LOVE this moment and the pure joy! 

I am so SO excited for Casey and Jordan!!! How neat it is that Courtney, Casey, and I ALL had boys first?!?! I know both Jordan and Casey will ADORE their son! Kye was dead set on their baby being a girl and that night when I tucked him in we were talking about Branch (Casey and Jordan plan to keep the name a surprise so it’ll be “Branch” until June!) and Leo and he said since Branch is a boy that Leo has to be a girl. I said it’d be so neat though if Leo is a boy b/c then he and Branch will be best friends! Kye said “no Aunt Casey’s baby is going to be MY best friend!” So so sweet! He said all his cousins are his best friends πŸ™‚

I was very sure that Leo was a girl. Until this week. Now that my stomach is showing more it just really looks like how I carried with Kye. With Britt is was one tiny little area. With Kye I was “big all over” and that is for sure more how I’m looking right now. Food wise I’m also enjoying similar foods that I did with Kye although I do not like beefy type meat at all yet. So now I’m pretty torn! Also maybe because Casey is having a boy I’m naturally thinking boy thoughts more?

Maternity Clothes: Still in attic πŸ™‚

Movement: No signs of it yet!

Sleep: STILL EXHAUSTED! I’m thankful for less sickness but goodness I’m still so, so tired. I took a nap Sunday afternoon which was amazing. Kye woke up from his nap (his lamp came on telling him he could come out of his room) and I just turned on a movie for him to watch in the bed with me and snuggled with him and slept. I slept from 3:30-5! I would nap everyday if I could. I napped another day this week too when Zach was home from work. I slept from 2-5. Again, amazing.

I’m still not using my pregnancy pillow and am sleeping on my stomach comfortably. It’s hard to wake up in the mornings and easy to fall asleep at night. I kinda love it haha!

Both pregnancies I had vivid dreams and I was waiting for them to come this time. Ugh. So far they are tough ones. I had one about Hunger Games and that the only people left were me, Zach and my brother. Zach and I were on the same team and so basically we had to kill my brother. It was so, so real and horrible. I punched him in the face a couple times and then just broke down crying and told him to kill me instead b/c I couldn’t do it. Awful.

The second dream was beautiful. I was wearing this white flowy dress in a big group of people I didn’t know and we were walking in shallow ocean water. It was in Alaska and these whales came swimming by me. I was able to touch them and watch them jump. I felt so happy and it was all so perfect. I was laughing and turned from watching the whales and there was Austin. Like my brother did in the other dream, he looked so real. Like exactly like him. He smiled at me and I realized in that moment that I had died. I was in Heaven. I have never had a dream about my own death before? Nor have I ever dreamed about what Heaven is like? This was also my first very vivid, realistic dream about Austin. It has made me feel so sad about him being gone. It’s hard to believe he really isn’t here anymore. The dream has really stuck with me and has given me a nice peace about death. Not that I’m wanting to die or anything, but I feel more at peace about those who I care about who have already passed away and more joy about what they are experiencing. I hope Heaven really is similar to what I dreamed b/c it was pretty amazing!

Cravings: Well they are starting. My love of peanut butter is back! Prior to pregnancy I ate eggs at lunch pretty much every day in an omelet and the thought of it makes me feel sick. Anything greasy is just yucky to me. Like I don’t even want to touch it! So now for lunch I’ve been eating peanut butter in some form. On crackers, on a bagel, on an english muffin (with honey! yum!).

I also really want some Zaxby’s. I was this close to getting it for lunch today but I resisted! My love for Subway is also back. Very much like my pregnancy with Britt I just want it SMOTHERED in oil and vinegar! The more the better! I actually snuck Subway in the movie theater last night with Zach for our dinner and I had to cover my lap with a million napkins to keep the oil from getting on my clothes haha. Speaking of the movies I also was craving Skittles? I don’t think I’ve ever bought Skittles for movie candy!!!

What I Miss: Energy. A cute pregnant tummy like I had last pregnancy!

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: This was a BUSY but wonderful week! My friend, Ashley, had her baby on Monday (which is also my dad’s birthday! it was great catching up with him!). I went to the hospital to see her and holding that fresh-fresh newborn made everything very REAL for me about Leo. Those sweet new baby yawns. And cries. And cuddles. I cannot WAIT!!! Baby Kate was tooooo sweet!!!

While it was wonderful to visit…it also made it real to me that I won’t have my own family there for the exciting post-delivery experience. My dad usually comes to visit after the birth (which I like because I can truly visit with him) and obviously my mom and brother won’t be here. I get sad thinking about it and want to go ahead and say if ANYONE wants to come up to the hospital when Leo makes his or her arrival PLEASE do!!! While I’m BLESSED to have Zach’s family, I want as many as my friends and people who are there for me as I can. I know that it will bring me comfort and joy πŸ™‚ So, legit, come πŸ™‚

As I mentioned, Zach and I had a date last night! We went to see American Hustle and LOVED it!!! Awesome movie! I sent Zach a picture of myself pre-date because we met at the theater and he wouldn’t be able to see me haha. Romance πŸ˜‰ Like I said I snuck in our dinner and I tore that junk UP. I legit ate my entire six inch sub during one preview. Told ya the pregnancy hunger has arrived!!! Casey and Jordan were so sweet to keep the kids (and they had a GREAT time!). It makes me excited to be able to return the favor for them before we know it!

When Zach and I found out that the Aflac National Convention trip is to Hawaii again this year we were SO bummed b/c we probably won’t be able to go. We talked about options for going and I just can’t imagine taking a little baby on that beast of a flight! Plus the time change? No way! I did the math this week and if Leo stays put until the due date of Aug 1st (which I think won’t happen) then he or she will be 10 weeks old when the Hawaii trip arrives. 10 weeks is still early to leave a baby like that but we did it when Kye was only 7 weeks and that was way worse than 10 would be! A LOT of stars have to align for it all to be able to happen (like I pretty much would only feel comfortable leaving that young of a baby if Mrs. Charlotte was the one keeping it!), but I do feel more optimistic about it than I did before. It’s ironic b/c when we went to Hawaii last time I was 32 weeks pregnant with Britt and SO BIG and remember walking around with Zach and said to him that I was miserable but it wasn’t as miserable as Paris was when we had a new baby. Guess I may get to really compare notes on Hawaii really pregnant vs Hawaii with new baby huh? πŸ˜‰ We haven’t been on an Aflac National Convention trip since the Hawaii one so I know Zach is really hoping it works out that we can go! He deserves it! 

I also ordered Britt’s big girl bedding this week which is fun! We aren’t moving her to the actual bed yet but I had a $250 coupon to use at Pottery Barn Kids so I went ahead and found her comforter and sheet sets from there! I have three rooms to decorate before this baby comes! Kye will be moving upstairs into the old playroom so I have that room to decorate. Britt’s room will be converted to her big girl room so I have some decorating to do there. Then Kye’s current room will become the nursery so I gotta make decisions about that too! It’s all so fun and exciting!!!

We had Britt’s 2 year visit this week and it went great. Kelly was SO cute b/c she was truly THRILLED about our news. She probably hugged me like four times haha. I loved it b/c so rarely do people get very excited about a third baby, ya know? But she’s awesome and it made my day! I probably annoyed Zach b/c I literally told everyone that I’m pregnant at the dr. I just love sharing the news πŸ™‚

Britt has started kissing the baby goodnight before naps and bedtime. So sweet! Also I showed Kye the video of the heartbeat from earlier today and he asked to watch it again and again πŸ™‚

A blog reader last week (shout out to Rebecca!) commented on the FB page about my nursery debate from my 11 Week Post. She had an awesome idea about having the nursery be gender neutral, as planned, but still finding out the sex! Basically what will happen is at the 18 week ultrasound I’ll have them write it down in an envelope and I will mail that envelope to my Top Secret Friend who will be the ONLY one to know the sex of our baby!!! And, yes, we’ve already picked that person. They know who they are and we aren’t telling anyone who we chose πŸ™‚ Z and I will pick out the items we want to be gender specific. Like let’s say I want gender specific bedding…I’ll contact a person who makes bedding and tell them I want either this for a boy or this for a girl then the Top Secret Friend will actually place the order for me! Everything will be paid for by me and shipped to our house (but will arrived in the Top Secret Friend’s name so I will know not to open it!). That way when Leo comes home we’ll have everything we need for the nursery!!! I LOVE the idea and am excited about it!!! And thankful to the Top Secret Friend πŸ™‚

I know many of you have requested copies of Muscle and a Shovel. Thank you SO MUCH for your patience. Between the holidays and sickness and pregnancy it took me awhile but I finally have them all shipped!!! I originally bought 75 copies and, after all the requests came in, ended up being 6 short. Luckily four of the six are local deliveries and I can get those books soon to deliver. The other two I’m thankful for friends who had copies to let me use to send! That means a total of 81 books have been given out! So awesome and I’m excited to hear how everyone enjoys it!!! I’m also a bit nervous too, to be honest πŸ™‚ If you forgot what book you requested…here is the blog post about it! If you didn’t get a chance to request one I’m SO sorry I’m completely out at this point. I hope to save up to do this again someday but for now you can order your copy of the book here (the link is to the author’s site as I’ve heard Amazon sells out of it often)! It’s well worth the money!

Kye LOVED helping me stuff the envelopes!

 I took the wagon to the post office bc I knew I couldn’t manage them all! Luckily no one got upset with me for holding up the line!!! 

 Questions/Concerns: I’m going to bullet point these to make them easier to find for my next OB appt! 

  • Forgot to ask this morning about the whopping cough vaccine…do people have to have it again if they already have had it?
  • I know I have heard that usually Baby #2’s delivery is half the length in time as Baby #1. Does that mean Baby #3 is going to be one third the length of time as my first??? With Stacy’s experience I want to ask realistically what to expect this time around
  • What are the rules for kids at the hospital? I’m mostly worried about Branch. Casey and Jordan are both SO SO SO important to Zach and I. I realllllllly want both of them to be able to be there. But I don’t think Branch will be allowed up there? Also will my kids be allowed up to see Branch when he is born?

Goals for this Week: Now that hunger has arrived, be mindful of what I eat and careful not to PIG OUT πŸ™‚ 

Duh, elliptical and Bradley. It’s probably going to be on this list every week for the whole pregnancy. But even if I DO only do the elliptical once a week. It’s still one time more a week than I did any exercise my other pregnancies! 

Ask about a back up photographer! Start figuring out our plan of action for when I go into labor…Jordan came to be with Kye when I had Britt and I don’t know if we can expect him to be able to do it this time since he’ll be a daddy himself! 

Call the foot dr. After the appointment this morning I def want to discuss it with him. I need to go to his office before Disney anyway to get some new shoe inserts, so maybe I can schedule the shot for then too?

Belly Pictures: This week I had a couple moments when I glanced in the mirror and was like HELLO BELLY!

 SO legit!!!

I had Zach take my official belly pics this morning before I went to my appointment. I made sure to roll down my leggings so the belly could really be on display…but you still can’t super see it? Especially not from the front!!! Btw I got my belly stickers here!

 Leo needs to get used to sharing the spotlight early on haha

My stomach IS looking more pregnant and less fatty to me. It is getting harder at the top. Like when I wear leggings that are high waisted, the top of my stomach still sticks out. Maybe I will carry high this time? I can also feel the “void” as I call it. I always get it during pregnancy. Like if I push at the top of my stomach it feels like a balloon is in there? No clue if that is a legit thing or not haha. I was feeling VERY insecure about how my tummy looked, but looking back at my pics from prior pregnancies I feel better now. Even with Britt my stomach wasn’t hard at this point. It was still flabby so I feel better about mine being this way right now!

Past Pregnancies: You can look back at my 12th week with Britt here. My stomach looks totally different this time huh? While it is a BLOW to the self esteem to see how awesomely tan I was for those pics I just keep reminding myself that my delivery pics and early new baby pics and newborn pics will be better this time b/c I’ll be tan!!! Benefit of a summer baby!!!

Interesting how the headaches have all started at the same time with all three pregnancies! And that my sickness ended with Britt this week as well. And that I was still really tired too πŸ™‚

From my journal with Kye I had lost 1 1/2 lbs at this point in pregnancy. I was more hungry and less tired. 


  1. ChristiK
    January 17, 2014 / 10:28 pm

    You look fantastic. Hey I emailed you about a copy of the book. If you're short then please take my name off the list. Congratulations on your new nephew and for having a TOP SECRET FRIEND! And the date night. Your kids are so blessed to have some wonderful aunts and uncles. Hugs about none of your family being there at the hospital. We really didn't have anybody. With our first, my mom and grandma did come that evening and it was nice (after he arrived). When we got home everybody was gone. My husband's parents came that afternoon or the following afternoon. With our second, my mom kept my son the day of and then left. I think my husband's parents came the next day until I was released (sometime that day). Oh and to sound so selfish, I was so sad because nobody made a fuss over her like her brother (they went shopping for him) and I didn't get flowers or anything from anybody. It's not that I want material items but I just needed to know that she was as special as the first. My brother didn't come to see any and neither did my husband's brother and wife. With our third (oh yes, third babies are just as special and wonderful…and I'd feel the same way about 4th or 5th, etc)…a neighbor came and watched our older kids while we delivered. I did have a friend who visited and brought the baby a little something and me a sweet treat. It made me cry how sweet my friend was to think of us. My mom actually got mad at me and yelled at me on the phone for not calling her before the baby arrived. I only went to the hospital because I was bleeding again. Who knew that the baby was going to arrive within minutes of getting there? I didn't even get an iv for group b strep. But anyhow, I've rambled. Just know that Baby Leo is very loved. And I think that Leo is probably a girls just because of calling the baby by a boy name. Boy or girl, she's got one wonderful family that she's coming into. And yes, if I didn't live in Ohio, I'd so come and visit Leo and you. After giving birth three times, I hope that one day a good friend or my children will allow me to be in the room when they give birth. I think it's the most magical, beautiful gift in the whole world.

  2. Kristen Kliethermes
    January 18, 2014 / 4:56 am

    I am so with ChristiK! I would soooo come and visit with you and your precious family! Sadly, we have never met and you would probably be like, "STALKER ALERT!" Haha!

  3. Robyn Mullican
    January 19, 2014 / 7:37 pm

    1- After all of these years, your weird food stuff still cracks me up. And grosses me out. All at the same time.2- I just think that you are one of those people that handles pregnancy so well. You always look extra gorge when you're pregnant.3- Woah at the boobies already!! πŸ˜‰

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