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Big Kid Club Trip - Hollywood Studios Morning

Saturday, March 31, 2018

When I was pregnant with Kye Zach earned his first international trip with Aflac. It was President's Club which is the hardest trip to qualify for and it was to Paris. Paris. For Free. We HAD to go. Kye was 6 weeks old when we went on the trip. Y'all. It was INSANE. I don't regret going, because Paris , but I didn't fully enjoy the trip by a long shot. (You can read my Paris posts here!) Even though it wasn't something I'd recommend to a first time was a good experience for us to have that bit of time away from Kye. I think it's good for kids to bond with other family at an early age. It's important for them to be comfortable at times when you are away and I think traveling away from them when they are rather young is smart to make it a smoother process. An infant doesn't really "miss" you the way a 5 year old will! We have always gone on a trip when our baby's are relatively young. I think it's important to take young
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