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Babywise Disruption: Handling The Wonder Weeks

Thursday, September 28, 2017

As a Babywise Mom you are a planner. You have goals. You work HARD to make sleep happen, feeding happen, and for the day to flow a certain way. But y'all, there is no such thing as a perfect Babywise baby . There WILL be disruptions. Interruptions. Days where you just feel like all hopes and dreams and hard work for that schedule just flew out the window. It's okay! Rough patches happen. It's NORMAL. I know when you're living in the rocky seasons it can feel like you're drowning and like it'll  never get back on track. When I was a first time mom I would basically freak out and do a constant guess and check to try to figure out what the heck was wrong. Why wasn't my kid sleeping? Why was he so fussy? Was it gas? Teething? Was he allergic to something I was eating? You can literally drive yourself insane going through the guess and check list any mama works through when battling an upset baby! Then someone told me about The Wonder Weeks. Game. Changer

Partyin' Like It's 1987: Casey's 30th!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Casey turned 30 in the beginning of September buttttt we decided to celebrate a little early for her ;) It was funny because there was this KILLER deal on cookie cakes for Zach's birthday ($20 for a cookie cake is crazy cheap b/c they are usually like close to $40!) so we ended up getting another one as a way to announce our match to the kids. Annnnd when I made plans with Casey for her birthday I casually mentioned if we had it in August that I'd be able to get her a cookie cake too ;) American Cookie Company loved us that month!!! Leading up to her birthday I browsed Pinterest for some inspiration and saw some party favors for a 30th birthday that said "Party like it's 1980". I LOVED the idea of doing a themed get together and partying like it's 1987 in honor of the year Casey was born :) Casey is always into a good theme so I figured she'd like it. I did talk to her about it all and she was on board so we made it happen! I hunted Goodwill an

Thoughts on a Year.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Every day Facebook notifies me to check out "On This Day." To take a look back at all the memories posted on Facebook on that exact day for every year that I've had an account. Usually it's a quick minute of fun. Looking back at old photos. Embarrassing posts that were made back when Facebook was much, much different than it is now. Fun albums from when Katie and I would comment obsessively on everything with all of our inside jokes. But sometimes I wish there was a way to pick and choose what memories Facebook has us see. Some flashbacks in time we really don't want to relive or re-experience. At the same time, some moments in life are unavoidable to remember. Even if there isn't one single post regarding that moment, any photo or memory from the time surrounding that moment will trigger those emotions and that memory. Some moments in life are a clear marker of "before" and "after." As a mom this is often to do with kids. My life is di

Family Photos August 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I'm so thankful for Lindsay, from Captured by Colson ! We had such a tough time actually getting our family pictures to happen. The first time we were literally racing storms. And the second time Britt had pink eye and  it rained again. The third time was THE CHARM and really I'm glad it worked out exactly as it did. Not only did we have sunny skies but we were able to meet up early on a Saturday morning so it also wasn't too hot. We were also able to take the photos at Park Place which is a new venue (to me at least as I hadn't started hearing about it until recently) and it is SO gorgeous. It flowed so well as a backdrop for our bright, "beachy" color scheme! The "purpose" for the photos were for Tess's 3rd birthday pics! I like to get photos of the kids at each of their birthdays (until age 5 anyway) as they change SO much in one year! You can look back at our family photos from last July and really see such a big change in Tessie :) As a
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