Tess’s 3 Year Well Visit

I always make the kids’ well check visits a year out. Like when we check out from one visit, I go ahead and schedule the next one. When I scheduled Tess’s 3 year well check I assumed she’d attend school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I made it for a Thursday…well it ended up being that she goes to school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and her appointment was the first Thursday she was back at school ha! I didn’t even attempt to change it because our pediatrician is always booked so solid and I also just have a lot more relaxed attitude about school than I probably should 😉

Rather than take her and turn around and pick her up she just skipped the day and we had a fun time at the dr! I took her solo because she didn’t need any shots (our deal is that Daddy goes to all shot visits when they’re little because I don’t want any of our kids getting my needle fears). She did end up needing a finger prick and it broke both mine and the nurses heart when she got it. She was FINE during the prick but she was SO sad after. Not in a way that was like dramatic or even that it hurt, but more that she was just so, so shocked that it had happened. It was pitiful! I felt bad and next time will do better preparing her for that!

Tess felt like a big girl doing all of the appointment measurements and tests! 

She did great for both the hearing and vision!

I feel like this is younger than my other kids had those tests? Maybe they are starting them younger?

We had a later appointment than I usually like to get but it was fine and we didn’t mind the wait! Tess is so super easy going that she’s content doing whatever 😉 and she looks so cute while doing it!

Her stats: 36.5 inches tall (35th percentile), 28.5 lbs (25th percentile). BMI is 25%.

At her two year appointment she was:  24 lbs 8 oz (23rd percentile), 34.25 inches tall (50th percentile) and 18.37 head circumference (25th percentile). 

At Britt’s 3 year well check her stats were: 38 inches tall (90th percentile) and 29 pounds (35th percentile)

And at Kye’s his were: Weighs 33.5 lb (50th percentile), 37 inches/3 ft 1 inch tall (25th percentile)

After all of Kye’s growth delay stuff I’m always mindful to look for that 2 inches of growth each year and Tess just hit that. It’s funny that she went down in her percentile for height. She might be a shorty like her mama. She’s our first kid to be low percentages across the board. The low weight surprised me just because she doesn’t LOOK super skinny or anything to me! Tess is def our smallest kid! 

Just for fun I put Tess’s stats in the height predictor and guess what? At 18 years old it predicts she’ll be 5’2″ which is my exact height. Def my mini-me 😉 

During her appointment I dropped off all the forms I needed the pediatrician to fill out to get out home study full up to date!

We also got on the list to get a phone call once flu shots are in. It’s a MUST HAVE for Zach so I’ve gotten pretty hardcore about our whole family getting them as well. 

We talked a bit about her molluscum and basically I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and wait it out. She did mention a bleach bath and that some people have great luck with that but I don’t see myself trying it!

We also talked about how sometimes Tess will wake up at night crying. Night terrors are common for this age and she reminded me to just go in and softly tell her to go back to sleep and comfort. Don’t wake her because she’s not fully awake when having them. 

Lastly we talked a bit about Tess going poop. She’s been doing GREAT going poop on the potty but she’s always been my struggler when it comes to #2. I got GREAT advice! She said to stop giving Tess the fiber vitamins I’ve been giving her. I’ve been doing them for a long time because Tess gets constipated so easily and I read they help prevent constipation. The problem is that they also make poop super hard. Her poops are c-razy and I’d rather them be softer for her. Stopping the fiber has seemed to really make a difference so if you’re struggling with a preschooler and poop I’d make sure they aren’t getting too much fiber! 

It was a great visit! As always I’m super thankful for healthy babies. It’s something I never, ever take for granted. I’ve had quite a few medical scares over the years and those are always in the back of my mind at these types of visits. I’m thankful for such an amazing medical staff at our pediatrician who have always caught anything quickly and early and I’m thankful they know our family history and keep an eye on things that could potentially pop up in the future. I’m all about some knowledge is power y’all!!!

It was also fun thinking about the next time I’ll hopefully be in that office I will have a NEW BABY there for his check-up!!! AHHHHH!!! I kept eyeing all the new mama’s with their little car seat carriers and I AM SO PUMPED! 


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