Partyin’ Like It’s 1987: Casey’s 30th!

Casey turned 30 in the beginning of September buttttt we decided to celebrate a little early for her πŸ˜‰ It was funny because there was this KILLER deal on cookie cakes for Zach’s birthday ($20 for a cookie cake is crazy cheap b/c they are usually like close to $40!) so we ended up getting another one as a way to announce our match to the kids. Annnnd when I made plans with Casey for her birthday I casually mentioned if we had it in August that I’d be able to get her a cookie cake too πŸ˜‰ American Cookie Company loved us that month!!!

Leading up to her birthday I browsed Pinterest for some inspiration and saw some party favors for a 30th birthday that said “Party like it’s 1980”. I LOVED the idea of doing a themed get together and partying like it’s 1987 in honor of the year Casey was born πŸ™‚ Casey is always into a good theme so I figured she’d like it. I did talk to her about it all and she was on board so we made it happen!

I hunted Goodwill and LOVE the leather vest I was able to find. I ended up getting accessories at Claire’s. Super random but they have a TON of ’80s stuff if you happen to need any haha!

While getting ready for the night I tried to be as authentic as possible. I went for a lot of blush, a bright lip and some pink and purple eye shadow. I was texting with Kelly and Laura and trying to figure out the go-to rockstar 80s look. We might have had to do some googling to figure out what they actually did back then to look cool haha

YAY found a visual to follow…thumb faces in rather than out πŸ˜‰


Casey had a few of us over to her house to get ready together prior (Duh, I got fully ready at home and even went to the mall to pick up the cookie cake while fully dressed in my 80s attire. I heard some random girl say to her friends “where does she think she’s going, VEGAS?” haha). 

Keeli, Courtney, Casey and I ready to go!

Casey loves some downtown dining so she chose Steel Magnolia’s for our dinner spot! It was SO awesome that EVERYONE dressed up! I really didn’t expect everyone to get so into it but it made it super fun that everyone stuck to theme πŸ™‚ (see if you can spot the photo bomber!)

Morgan, Courtney, Lindsay, Casey, Katie, Robyn, Me, and Keeli!

I got these sunglasses as party favors for everyone πŸ™‚ They are actually legit good sunglasses too! 

The birthday girl!!!

Yes y’all. She’d just had a BABY a MONTH prior. A month. As in 4 weeks. As in it’s hard not to hate her for being so FREAKING HOTT!!! 30 is gonna look good on her πŸ˜‰ 

I don’t get to eat at fancy places often so I def treated myself to yummy shrimp and grits!

This cracks me up because her party hat looks like a censor like she’s flicking off the camera or something. Casey gets crunk for some cookie cake πŸ˜‰

Our waiter was SO great and kept offering to take photos of us. The random guy we grabbed to do the first session of pics was NOT feeling it so we were lucky that our waiter was so sweet to take time out of his night to do this for us! 

We even went out on the roof!

Had to get one with him in the pic!

And some individual pics to end the night!

My new thing (which is probably super annoying to others haha) is to get as many solo pics with people as I can. I love doing photo collages for everyones birthdays and those one on one pics are totally the best for that πŸ˜‰ 

Katie stealing the spotlight hahaha!

I hope that Casey had a super fun night as she deserves it and deserves for this new decade to be the happiest and most wonderful decade yet πŸ™‚ 

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