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Tess 2nd Birthday Slideshow

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today our sweet, precious Tess is TWO!!! We are in denial mode around our house. Britt's first words this morning when she woke up were "I'm sad that Tess is two, she's supposed to be a BABY" I agree! She holds all of our hearts and we love her so much and love getting to celebrate her all day long!!! Every birthday I put together a slideshow for each child that covers the entire year. I LOVE doing these and out of ALL the ones I've made over the years, Tess appreciated hers this year more than anyone ever has! She was ALL about it at her party. Didn't care about gift opening. Didn't care about going swimming. She just wanted to watch her video. On the one hand it makes me feel good b/c she loved what I put together, on the other mayyyyybe she just loves watching herself haha Here's her 2nd Bday Slideshow! Picture slideshow generated with Smilebox You can also see her 1st birthday slideshow here! We are enjoying loving on ou

Kye Monthly Summary: May

Friday, July 29, 2016

This is Kye's monthly post from May! We went to the dentist this month for both Kye and Britt. As usual, Kye did a great job. They had to do another X-Ray because at his last visit they didn't see some of his back teeth in his gums and had some concerns whether or not he had them. This X-Ray reveled that he does have them so no worries there. He has a SMALL jaw and the hope was since he's losing teeth a little older than his peers that maybe it'd give time for his jaw to widen up some. We'll see. Cavity free and no concerns!  The end of 1st grade was really hard for me emotionally for some reason??? It was tougher than the beginning of the year for sure. I feel like Kye is just growing up SO fast on me and I'm not ready for the days of turning and waving goodbye to fade away. I'm thankful when I posted this on IG that a TON of mama's said their older boys all still look for them and hug and kiss on them. Crossing fingers that Kye will be the sa

Keeping Kids Clothing Organized

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today is Pinterest Day with the lovely Babywise Friendly Blog Network Ladies! Our topic is household organization. I love me some organization. Everything has a place and it makes it SO much easier to tidy up around the house when everyone knows where everything goes! With back to school around the corner I thought a post about kids clothing was in order. I am a quantity over quality person when it comes to clothing. I shop cheap (as in 80-90% of my kids clothes are from consignment sales) but I shop a lot . Everything my kids own typically costs $10 or less but they have a closet FULL of clothes. I can't resist a good deal ;) Here are some of my tips for keeping kids clothing organized: Have a Laundry Day:  I know a common thing that is said about moms is that we're always doing laundry. Not this mama! Mondays are my laundry day. I do ALL of my laundry that day (I read somewhere that it actually helps with energy costs when you do loads back to back?). As I unload th

Family Fun: May 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This is a summary of our month of May! It was not a super fun month. Lots of heartbreak, pain, and recovery. Just a tough month for our entire family as a whole.  We spent a good bit of time leading up to the surgery at dr visits. This visit was where we went over the MRI results and found out Zach did legit need to have the procedure done! I lived off MCD icee coffee ;) Zach's pre-op day fell on the same day that Chicken Salad Chick was giving away chicken salad to all the moms. Um. I wasn't about to miss out on that! I dropped Zach at the hospital and went to get my free food #priorities Poor Zach was confined to the bedroom for 1 0 DAYS leading up to surgery. By the end of the 10 days he couldn't even get from the bed to the chair anymore but for the first several he was able to get back and forth so he could have a variety in his sitting position and was able to eat more comfortably! The kids and I attended a Mother's Day dinner at Aunt Karen
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