Family Fun: May 2016

This is a summary of our month of May! It was not a super fun month. Lots of heartbreak, pain, and recovery. Just a tough month for our entire family as a whole. 

We spent a good bit of time leading up to the surgery at dr visits. This visit was where we went over the MRI results and found out Zach did legit need to have the procedure done!

I lived off MCD icee coffee 😉

Zach’s pre-op day fell on the same day that Chicken Salad Chick was giving away chicken salad to all the moms. Um. I wasn’t about to miss out on that! I dropped Zach at the hospital and went to get my free food #priorities

Poor Zach was confined to the bedroom for 10 DAYS leading up to surgery. By the end of the 10 days he couldn’t even get from the bed to the chair anymore but for the first several he was able to get back and forth so he could have a variety in his sitting position and was able to eat more comfortably! The kids and I attended a Mother’s Day dinner at Aunt Karen’s and they sent him home some yummy steak 🙂

We had a good set up! I kept him loaded up with water and gatorade (I remember from my days in the bed after my foot surgery that I was always so thirsty!), had a “snack bucket” filled with his favorites in case he got snacky between meals and had all of his meds along with a log of when to take what! 

The kids were a HUGE HELP! They loved taking turns taking Daddy water and food and visiting with him when he wasn’t in too much pain. Britt had such a happy heart about it which made me very proud!

It was a month where I tried to be the best I could for those who needed me. Along with Zach, it was also extremely important to me to be there for Casey. Casey is more than just my sister-in-law or my friend, she’s truly “my person” and I’m honored to be there by her side when she’s hurting, just as she’s been there by mine many times over. We both have decided that Arby’s Orange Dream shakes are a must have during any sort of healing process. YUM.

The combo of me being all about some Fitbit step maximization and Zach needing to rest worked out well as we took a LOT of walks! The weather was beautiful (not too hot, yet) and Tess especially loves walks. I’m sure it’s because she’s the only one not technically walking 😉 

Sweet girls holding hands!

Playground fun!

Every single thing Kye does, Britt will do it too!

Attempting to take a group pic and Britt kept taking up the whole shot hahaha

This is my favorite picture. I may not look cute or whatever but this is what motherhood is to me. My babies smiling and happy and I can just see the love and joy in this shot! 

Watch out when we’re out walking…we may just add random children to the mix. Hilarious that I’ve only met their parents like twice and their kids ended up coming on walk with us and going to the playground with us haha! Guess it’s a benefit of neighborhood living!

She loves the playground!

Sweet Carter even got in on the walking fun!

One night we busted out some candy and popcorn and watched my absolute favorite childhood movie: The Wizard of Oz. CLASSIC!

We also lucked out and our neighborhood had a community wide garage sale on the weekend Zach was bedridden. We had a great time riding around to all the sales and I found SO MUCH STUFF. We got an awesome old time popcorn maker for $4 and it works! It was a good chance to meet a lot of neighbors and the kids really had a great time! 

Sweet cousin time together!

This month was also Robyn’s birthday (along with Katie’s and Rachael’s…I always laugh that I have so many super close friends with bdays in May!)

I mentioned a few months ago that I found MY American Girl dolls from childhood in my attic. I sent them both in to the American Girl Hospital. Y’all. I was BLOWN AWAY by their service. They called me and said that both dolls were in excellent condition. They said they could replace their heads but that they felt it’d be better to just mend them as it would keep them original quality (Samantha today isn’t the same exact way she was originally, and my doll is the original. I also guess they have changed their hair since then so the hair would feel different). It cost WAY LESS than I’d anticipated and they shipped them back wearing adorable little hospital gowns, with socks, and hospital bracelet and even a get well soon card and certificate! I’m putting up the red haired doll until Tess turns 5 but am eager to give Britt the Samantha doll for her birthday in Dec!

Casey made a super cute board for Mrs Charlotte for Mother’s Day and came by and got all of my kids hand prints. I really love hand printed stuff and have done it for gifts before but never for myself. HINT HINT to anyone reading who could possibly do something cute with the kids hands for me (like ya know my husband haha). 

Tough times are when we realize how many blessings we have. May was a struggle month for many reasons but it made me appreciate my babies even more than I have in the past. We are SO BLESSED and I’m so thankful to get to be Zach’s wife and their mother!


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