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Kye's 7th Birthday Letter {From Daddy}

Friday, April 29, 2016

Zach and I both love taking the time to write our children a letter each year around their birthday. It will make such an awesome gift someday to give them :) Kye, You are 7! Holy Cow, as you like to say. I am so so very proud to be your dad. I love the bond that we have. You are already an amazing child and I continue to see your growth every day. I am most proud of your Godly example you set to others. I hope as you grow older you will continue to love the Lord openly, and talk about him to others.   This past year has been very rewarding for me as a father. I love watching you grow. You are starting to show signs of the man you will become one day. You have developed into quite a helper. You have always been willing to help, but now you know how to help in the right way. You will hop in and start helping with something, without being told. That shows me that you are willing, and know what to do. I think this is a very important trait, and
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