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Guarded Hearts Giveaway!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Giveaways are always SO much fun! A friend of a friend recently started up their own business, and y'all know how passionate I am about people who follow their passions :) Guarded Hearts is a clothing company with a powerful mission statement: Check out two of the super cute tops they currently have for sale! I love how trendy they are yet how they also carry a strong message of God's word!  I love, love, LOVE my shirt! It's not only's also mega soft. So often you hear people talk about wearing things that represent themselves or their company. I know I'm always wishing Zach would wear more Aflac shirts when we travel because you never know who you might meet who may end up being a great business connection to have. But isn't our calling as Christians to be a representation of Christ? In all that we do? Guarded Hearts have created a fashionable way to spread God's Word and to be a light in this dark world. I know personally I strugg

Wacky Wednesday

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Every year that Kye has been in preschool Wacky Wednesday has been his favorite day. Kindergarten is the highest grade possible in his school so this year it was his last time getting to experience Wacky Wednesday. This year was Britt's first year as a student in school but she did get to dress wacky l ast year when she and I attended the Wacky Chapel with Kye :)  For a little's Kye's very first Wacky Wednesday attire! Both kids picked out what they wanted to wear without any help from me. I laughed b/c they weren't all that "wacky" at all! They thought they were dressed super silly though which is all that matters!  They had a Wacky Chapel with everyone on staff dressed silly and encouraged parents to come dressed silly as well. I had a physical therapy appointment so I put on regular clothes and then just made them silly with accessories!  Britt and one of her little friends got to perform some songs on the stage and then

Easter Afternoon 2015

Friday, May 29, 2015

After church services on Easter morning we headed straight over to Mema's house. Timing really worked out great and we were able to get some family pics before Tess went down for nap and before everyone changed :) I love how SMILEY this girl always is!!! Girl pic... ...and guys pic! The Bacon's Last year on Easter Casey and I got pics together with our pregnant bellies and planned on doing a comparison pic this year. One this is clear: babies make taking a cute picture together a struggle bahaha. The wind didn't help either though ;)  Easter 2014 vs East 2015! With two babies needing naps we were SUPER thankful the weather turned out to be so beautiful. Carter and Tess napped inside while everyone else ate lunch and played outside. This was Britt's first year skipping her nap to join in on the afternoon fun! We waited until both babies were up and fed before starting the egg hunt. I've gotten so comfortable with
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