Easter Afternoon 2015

After church services on Easter morning we headed straight over to Mema’s house. Timing really worked out great and we were able to get some family pics before Tess went down for nap and before everyone changed ๐Ÿ™‚

I love how SMILEY this girl always is!!!

Girl pic…

…and guys pic!

The Bacon’s

Last year on Easter Casey and I got pics together with our pregnant bellies and planned on doing a comparison pic this year. One this is clear: babies make taking a cute picture together a struggle bahaha. The wind didn’t help either though ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Easter 2014 vs East 2015!

With two babies needing naps we were SUPER thankful the weather turned out to be so beautiful. Carter and Tess napped inside while everyone else ate lunch and played outside. This was Britt’s first year skipping her nap to join in on the afternoon fun! We waited until both babies were up and fed before starting the egg hunt. I’ve gotten so comfortable with nursing that I just nursed Tess (without a cover!) on the porch! The guys may not have appreciated it too much haha but she’s at an age where the cover bugs her and it was just easier to nurse her than to have to pump and heat a bottle (plus she had napped terribly and was up at like 2:30 so who wants to keep a crying baby crying to wait for all that mess?!?!)

All the big kids were playing basketball. And Britt was “talking on the phone” A girl after my own heart!

We celebrated Mema’s birthday and Kye gave her a sweet card he’d made

Mr. Rusty owns some farm land out there so he had a good time riding the kids around on the tractor!

Tess doesn’t go to many people but she LOVES her Mema! This picture makes my heart so happy. How precious is this?!?! Not too many kids get to spend quality time with their great grandparents! We are so blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Carter looks like such a “cool dude” haha I can’t wait to see these two grow up together!


listening to alllll the egg hunt rules…

As we add more and more kids to our family we never really noticed how much of a change it is to the family dynamic. Being so close to Casey and Jordan and seeing the way they are with Carter really brings back a lot of memories to when we were first time parents. I LOVE watching them with him and love how excited they get about every milestone and how they enjoy experiencing things with him for the first time. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s something that does change when you have the second…and third baby. In some ways I envy them in their ability to just focus on Carter and really soak him up! It makes me so glad that we did spread our babies out in age a decent bit because we are able to enjoy each one at each stage…even though it’s a LOT crazier the more we add to the crew ๐Ÿ˜‰

Carter was being so funny! He didn’t like the grass touching him haha

Tess got upset that she couldn’t have his egg ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Uncle Jordan is always playing with the kids! No wonder they all love him!

I love how it’s worked out with all the cousins! Growing up I was VERY close to my cousins and my family had kids all around the same time so we were all very close in age. I had my “best friend” cousins. One was 11 months older than me and the other was 11 months younger. My brother also had two “best friend” cousins. One a couple months younger than him and another a year younger. It was great growing up and always having those bonds. It’s been such a blessing that it’s worked out where Courtney, Casey and I are following that same trend in our kids ages. Colt and Kye and Payton are all within the same year but Britt isn’t too young to be “best friend cousins” with Payton and then Carter and Tess are just a couple months apart too! Hopefully our baby #4 will match up with Casey’s baby #2 or #3 or whatever they are having at that point haha!

We had such a great afternoon. It was one of those days that no one really wanted to have to leave! I wanted to get a pic of Tess in her Easter dress since it was her first Easter and I learned the best way to get some cute pics of Britt is to tell her I want to get some pics of Tess haha! 

Happy First Easter to our sweet baby girl!

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