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31 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby Growth:  Leo is now roughly 16 inches long and weighs 3 1/3 lbs (about as much as four oranges). He or she is heading into a growth spurt and is now flexing out and kicking and stretching all the time.  My Symptoms:  Friday last week we left and went to St Augustine for Memorial Day. We go there every year for July 4th but couldn't risk going that close to my due date so we bumped up the trip this year. SO glad we did b/c I KNOW I wouldn't have done very well in a month down there!!! I spent Friday morning rushing around packing. Then we drove down. Then I spent the kids naps unpacking. Then we went to Old Town when they woke up and did a LOT of walking. I really, mega, hardcore did too much. Not only did my feet hurt super bad...but my hands...they hurt like crazy. And ever since then I can't get them to stop aching all the time. They are decently swollen but not so bad where I can't wear my wedding ring. The odd thing to me is the discomfort? They hurt

Parker Family Spring Break Trip

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Every year we go on a Parker Family Vacation. We used to do them over Labor Day but football caused issues (I's crazy to me that football schedules mess up a vacation?!?! But football ain't no joke to some ppl in this fam!) so the past few years we've been going in the summer. We actually had a trip to the beach planned the same week that Austin passed away last year so we didn't end up going on a Parker Trip that year. With both Casey and I due this summer we decided to plan the trip over Spring Break. Casey would be too far along to travel at the start of summer and I'd be too far along to travel by the time Casey has her baby (plus who wants to go on vacation with a newborn, right?). It really all came together super well and Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty ended up renting a house in Orlando! We didn't do anything Disney related but had a casual, relaxing weekend together. It was a great time! Hopefully we will go ahead and BOOK the trip for next sum
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