Britt’s Monthly Summary: March

Here’s everything Britt had going on in the month of March!

Yogurt: Kye has ALWAYS liked yogurt. I, myself, am not a big fan and wished I was. It’s super good for you and especially good for women. I’ve always given Britt yogurt, cottage cheese, etc from a young age but she’s just not a fan of it. Ugh. So annoying! I still give it to her and tell her she has to eat a certain amount of bites but I want her to LIKE it. The best thing I’ve found are those “go-gurt style” yogurts. I found some brand that has different flavors of greek yogurt. I freeze them then give each kid half of one at lunch and they LOVE them. Whew! While I don’t give them to the kids all the time (hello, they ain’t cheap) I’m thankful I found a way to get Britt to enjoy yogurt πŸ™‚

De-Doh: Honestly, I’m not sure how you spell it but it’s the name of my childhood stuffed animal. I slept with this rabbit FOREVER and still keep him in my room for those times where you just need to hug on something πŸ˜‰ He’s def my comfort object and it is SO CUTE how Britt has found him and just adores him. She knows he’s MY rabbit but and she is super, mega careful with him. I’m pretty hardcore protective about him haha. Zach thinks I’m super silly about it but it’s not like I still sleep with him at night or anything!!! I just don’t want him to be damaged. With everything that has gone on with my family I don’t have a whole lot of my childhood possessions so I take great care of the things I do have and I really cherish them. I love seeing my sweet girl enjoying my childhood friend πŸ™‚ 

Intercom: When we built our home we had an intercom system installed. Really, it was a waste of money haha. I mean we NEVER use it. You can’t hear good enough out of it? We mostly just use it for the clocks in each room! Anyways…we had to move Britt’s crib in order to fit her big girl furniture in the room (we waited to transition her to the big girl bed until Kye moved upstairs so the nursery would be empty and ready for the crib to move in there!). So all month Britt would wake up from nap and be pressing the buttons on the intercom πŸ˜‰ 

Outside: Britt LOVES the outdoors. She’s not her mama’s child haha. She instantly cheers up when we go outside and that does make me more motivated to go out when it’s nice πŸ˜‰ 

 Kye always wants the window shutters closed so, naturally, Britt always wants them open!

 Britt can also climb the rock wall on our playground all by herself now!!! Here’s a video!

 Zach takes the kids on a lot of golf cart rides to the playground in the neighborhood. Kye resisted the big kid swings for SO LONG but Britt already wants to be swinging on her own πŸ™‚

 Britt ALWAYS gives special attention to our pets. I think out of everyone in our family she enjoys the animals the most πŸ™‚

 Child is DYING to be able to SWIM!

Shoes: Britt has always loved shoes. Which is so funny b/c I never have. When I went through my whole shoe buying experience this month for my foot issues Britt had the time of her life trying on all the pairs that came in the mail. She’d sit down, try them on, stand up and say “oh! these too big!” then sit back down and take them off. So silly!

 Her favorite “game to play” in her room is to dump out ALL of her shoes and sit in the pile and try them all on. Seriously. She loves it!

 Showing off her shoes for that day πŸ˜‰

Daddy’s Pretty Girl: Overall I’d say Britt has been pretty much attached to me from birth. She’s ALWAYS been my hip baby and still is. But she also adores her daddy. Every morning when I get her dressed she runs into our room to ask Daddy if she looks pretty πŸ™‚ On Wednesday nights he gives the kids an early bath before church and he blow drys her hair for her. It is SO sweet. Most of the time she says she does not want a bow or to wear her hair up because Daddy fixed it πŸ™‚ 

Sleep: While Britt may prefer to spend time with me, she is her Daddy’s child! Her personality is SO MUCH like him and they even sleep the same way! I found Zach cashed out on the couch one night like this and went and looked at the monitor to check on the kids and Britt was sleeping in the same position πŸ˜‰

Accessories: I’ve always been teased about Kye being naked all the time. Kid has just always been in a diaper or underwear! I was that way with him when he was little b/c he was SUCH a big spitter upper. It was constant so I figured, why dress him?!?! Britt though is the exact opposite of her brother. While he will come home and immediately strip down to his briefs…she loads on more clothes and accessories every time I turn around. And she will NOT take them off. She wears shoes probably a good 90% of the time, even when at home. She always is carrying around little random toys and friends and such too! I need to get her a purse to keep all this junk in πŸ˜‰

Play: Britt basically wants to do ANYTHING that Kye does. And if Kye’s not home? Then she wants to play with his toys πŸ™‚ She loves her brother!!! I do think it’s a positive thing because she is so much more advanced in her play abilities than I remember him being at her age. Hanging with the older kid has made her grow up fast!

 She loves to copy him when we take his art work pictures each morning too! 

 I’m trying to have her do more color pages so she can show off her OWN work πŸ™‚

 Other Stuff with Britt:

  • Yay! The day has come! Britt has started to play with my hair. Legit my favorite thing in the world!!!
  • After her new obsession with Donald Duck started at Disney Britt CONSTANTLY walks around talking like Donald. Which is funny b/c my Dad also does a mean Donald Duck impression πŸ˜‰ Here’s a video!
  • Britt woke up from her nap one day and when I went in to get her she said “special secret” so I asked her to tell me the secret and she said “poop in diaper” hahaha classic!
  • Just like with the yogurt…Kye has ALWAYS loved fruit. I have to tell him to eat a certain number of bites of vegetables but he will down all of his fruit and ask for more. Britt is the opposite! She loves veggies and will ask for MORE of them but yet I have to tell her to eat her fruit!
  • Britt is now obsessed with vacuums. As in vacuum cleaners. So random! At church each Sunday we have some magna doodle boards for the kids and she always asks us to draw vacuum cleaners for her πŸ˜‰
  • Her conversation skills have gotten so much better. She is able to carry on actual conversation, she will respond and understand what we say. She will talk on the phone to people and actually answer their questions etc!
  • She pointed to my nose ring and said she wants one too. Ugh oh! It’s starting early! I told her to ask Daddy haha
  • Britt takes a LONG time at meal times…wanna know why? B/c THIS video is what typically happens at the table. Child is so crazy! 
  • FINALLY home girl is starting to have an appetite and she will eat and eat and eat! She has learned that she has to eat everything on her plate (I do VERY small portions) if she wants a “treat” (typically it’s yogurt raisins or graham crackers) so she has good incentive πŸ˜‰
  • She has started to get into my jewelry which is cute, but also not okay. I mean I can’t have her losing my stuff! I went through and found a fake Dior bracelet I got for free on a cruise several years ago so I gave it to her and she wore it non-stop and showed it to everyone like it was her most prized possession!
  • If she wakes up before Kye does at nap it’s a struggle to keep her QUIET. She wants to go wake him up and gets super upset about him still sleeping. Which makes me pretty nervous about the baby coming…
  • When she wakes up now she will yell out and say “hello….helllllloooooo….anybody home??!?!” She says it in this video so you can hear it!
  • She dropped something and said “oopsie Daisy Duck!”
  • Britt found a spank stick and told me all about it in this video! She’s so funny πŸ˜‰
  • We have a PRECIOUS older woman at our church who is one of those adorable “little old ladies” that is just adored by everyone who meets her. We were walking out of the auditorium at the same time she was and she was taking tiny steps and holding to the wall as she walked. Britt saw her and started to copy her exactly the way she was walking! It was adorable!

A couple more pics of Britt with her favorite person in the world (and showing off her crazy smiles!):

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