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Family Day at Regal Palms

Thursday, October 31, 2013

After our fun day with the Bacons , we had a family day together! Casey and Jordan went to Magic Kingdom for the day so we had a relaxing day just enjoying everything the resort had to offer. Why leave the property when there was so much to do??? We kicked things off with waffles for breakfast! She was READY for the pool! When we built our house we went with the basics for pretty much everything, including our pool. The ONLY regret I have about our home is that we didn't even think to do the walkin entrance. I'm not sure the legit name of it? But it's like the beach where it gradually gets deeper and deeper. It is PERFECT for small children. Britt loved  just walking back and forth and had a huge area to safely play in without having to be swimming all the time. And I could relax with her and not have to be catching and releasing her the whole time! I loved, loved, LOVED this pool. The way everything was set up was so perfect. Britt and I could be in the shal

Disney Day with the Bacons

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We typically plan our yearly Disney trip for the month of September as it's a very "low crowd level" time of the year. Since Britt has been born we've done quick Disney trips where we leave her at home and just take Kye along. This time I really, really wanted her to come with us. I think she's still too young for the park (we are planning her first visit for February!) but I still wanted her to be there for the non-park portion of the vacation! I worked out an awesome plan! We invited Casey and Jordan to come on the trip with us. I offered to pay for the stay if they wouldn't mind keeping Britt the day we took Kye to Magic Kingdom. We spent a day together, a day with just our little family while Casey and Jordan hit up Magic Kingdom, and a day with Zach Kye and I at Magic Kingdom and Casey, Jordan and Britt chillin at the resort. As an added bonus to the trip Casey and I put our birthday schemer hats on and surprised Jordan and Zach with water park tick
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