Family Day at Regal Palms

After our fun day with the Bacons, we had a family day together! Casey and Jordan went to Magic Kingdom for the day so we had a relaxing day just enjoying everything the resort had to offer. Why leave the property when there was so much to do???

We kicked things off with waffles for breakfast!

She was READY for the pool!

When we built our house we went with the basics for pretty much everything, including our pool. The ONLY regret I have about our home is that we didn’t even think to do the walkin entrance. I’m not sure the legit name of it? But it’s like the beach where it gradually gets deeper and deeper. It is PERFECT for small children. Britt loved just walking back and forth and had a huge area to safely play in without having to be swimming all the time. And I could relax with her and not have to be catching and releasing her the whole time! I loved, loved, LOVED this pool. The way everything was set up was so perfect. Britt and I could be in the shallower “beachy” area and still watch Kye come down the slide! Then we could all easily hop on the lazy river! 

After we swam our hearts out we headed back to the room for lunch. We had some time before nap so Kye went ahead and did his homework for school. Zach and I both feel the same way about missing school: we’re fine with it! To us, missing occasionally in order to go on family vacations is totally worth it. As long as our kids don’t have any issues in school then I don’t see us ever being that concerned with only traveling during school breaks. I got the work ahead of time and he did it all while we were on the trip! I made sure to bring along all the supplies he’d need and he quite enjoyed it! 

Britt was in a MEGA Daddy phase on this trip. All she wanted him to do was hold her and sing to her and love on her non-stop. He enjoyed it but also got a little annoyed with it after a bit too. She can be a tad demanding at times. Typical female, right? 😉

His coloring skills blow me away

The kids took a nice nap and Zach and I watched Parks and Rec (best episode EVER: “Treat Yo Self” hahahahaha. After naps we headed over to Banana Jacks. I saw it when looking at the website for Regal Palms before the trip and it looked really neat! It was part of the resort and had tons of games, a play place, and great deals on pizza! We got a large pizza, a bag of breadsticks, drinks, and a TON of tokens (like 80 I think?) for only $16! We could play all the games we wanted!

Yes, he set a new high score!

The pizza wasn’t just cheap, it was also super yummy!

The play portion of the place made me a little nervous. It was actually above all the games. I was shocked Britt wanted to go up on her own without one of us with her and was even more shocked by how much she LOVED it!!! Thankfully there was only one way up (the stairs) and one way down (the slide) so it contained the kids to the confined area but the area to play in at the top was HUGE and I was scared when I couldn’t see her the whole time. I’m not one of those parents who just let me kids go play and then I socialize. I watched that play place like a hawk!!! There was a birthday party there at the same time as we were and the kids had play swords up in the play area so I was a little nervous about how that would go down. Thankfully, it was all great! Britt mostly just enjoyed walking back and forth over and over again and Kye had fun playing with some of the other children!

We had a BLAST at Banana Jacks and were shocked at the amount of tickets we earned too! Each kid got to pick a prize and when Kye couldn’t decide they were super nice and let him have two haha. We took some pics before going inside for bath time! I’m not sure if it was happiness from being on vacation, or if it was the pizza, or maybe the prizes…but check out all these cute smiles!

Had to get pics of their prizes!

Our bathroom had a huge jetted tub and Zach gave the kids a bath in it. He didn’t add any bubble bath but when he turned on the jets and went to bathe the kids their soap made MASSIVE amounts of bubbles!!! Here’s a little video too 🙂 

It took us a bit to figure out how everyone would sleep in the town home. Like I mentioned before, it had three bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Casey and Jordan had the room downstairs so that left us with two rooms upstairs. Typically Britt will sleep in a closet and we tried putting her in Kye’s bathroom so we could have our entire room kid-free. But it didn’t work so great. She would wake up banging on stuff and it woke him up and she wasn’t sleeping super wonderfully b/c it was too bright in the bathroom. So we reconfigured and put her in the laundry room! It had a full washer and dryer (which I mean I didn’t plan on using but we actually did end up drying our towels and such for the pool!) and just enough space for Britt’s pack and play to fit. It worked out great and we covered the door with a sheet to help block out the light! 

Kye had his own room so why make him sleep on his blow up mattress? He got a big bed all to himself and LOVED his “disney house room!” 

Casey and Jordan stayed at the park until it closed and we had to get up early the next morning for our day at the park so I didn’t wait up for them! I always have a hard time sleeping on the night before Disney Day so I figured the early I went to bed, the better chance I had at actually getting some sleep! Zach ran to Publix to get a few things we needed and picked up a little treat for us to share while watching some more Parks and Rec before I went up to bed! When Casey and Jordan got back Zach stayed up talking and talking to them b/c he was so excited to hear alllll about their day at Disney! I think I’ve created a Disney lover, don’t you? 😉

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