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Update on Kye

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday Zach, Kye and I drove to Tallahassee first thing in the morning to have his follow up appointment. You can get caught up on the situation by reading this post :) I've been trying super hard this past month to not worry, but it's kinda impossible. I did manage to sleep okay the night before and was just very comforted in the idea that we'd KNOW. No more wondering. We'd have answers! Good or bad, at least we'd KNOW. Mrs. Charlotte came over first thing to watch Britt for us and we headed out! Kye enjoyed watching Cars on the way. We got there right when they were opening and waited our turn. They measured and weighed him first thing. He weighed 37.4 lbs and was 39.75 inches tall . Which means he grew 1/4 of an inch in a month! Pretty awesome if you ask me! Although Dr Wright said it didn't mean anything, it still made me  feel a little better! Right off the bat I was SO frustrated. The hospital where we got Kye's bone scan done didn'

Backyard Camping

Monday, April 29, 2013

One of my top priorities as a mom is to give my kids as many experiences as possible. Now that Zach and I are living life on a strict budget I've quickly learned that creating experiences does not have to mean spending money. It just takes a little extra effort to come up with fun things to do as a family that also won't hurt the wallet! The weekend of March 16th was beautiful  outside. Not too cold. Not to hot. Just right! One of those rare South Georgia SPRING days! We typically go straight from winter to summer around here :) I was trying to think up something for us all to do and came up with the idea to go "camping" in the back yard! Thankfully, Zach didn't mind hunting around in the attic to dig out all of our camping gear and we spent the morning setting it all up! I'm telling yall...I only continue to find out on a daily basis how blessed I am in the husband department! Little known fact about me: I actually ENJOY camping! I know, try not to
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