Bonus Weekend

The weekend of March 8th I was supposed to be on a girl’s trip to Orlando with Mrs. Charlotte, Courtney, Casey, Jolee, and Mema. I ended up deciding not to go for many reasons, mostly that it didn’t line up with our financial goals. This ended up being the weekend that we were anxiously awaiting the news on Kye’s bone scan so I was beyond thankful that I decided to stay home. God has a plan huh? 🙂

I love when I have “bonus time.” Like when I have plans and they fall through so I feel like the time is totally free to do whatever! We had a SUPER chill weekend and it was just what we all needed. The weather was a little warmer that it had been so we ate outside (our kids are OBSESSED with eating outside, are all kids like that???), played outside, and just ENJOYED each other!

I think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever. Melts my heart!

Lunching it up on Friday, special treat to have Daddy home with us!
(yes, Kye’s flames were still up from his party…)

The hand on the hip action is sooooo from me…

Playing outside is Britt’s FAVORITE thing!

The game was: climb up on the porch, get back down. Climb up, get down. Over and over and over

This furry MESS is poor Sadie…so overdue for a haircut!

Saturday morning Daddy made PANCAKES!

Zach and Kye went to Lowe’s for a Builder’s Workshop

And they stopped by Goodwill for me to buy some shoes for Britt to wear at swim. She was CRUNK!

That afternoon I thought it’d be fun to do something with just Britt. I feel like Kye gets to go and do SO much and Britt misses out a lot since she is so young. So I took her to Target just to run a couple errands. I had a few baby gifts to buy and a few other things to pick up. She is SUCH a fun shopping partner. And easy to please. Give the girl a snack cup and she’s entertained for ages 😉

They had these pillow pet things on sale and I was so tempted to buy her one which is not like me AT ALL. I resisted the temptation but she was so cute with them and it cracked me up that out of all the different ones she was drawn to the shark one the most haha. She wanted to hold them and love on them but when she started to eat them I decided it was time to say “bye bye” 

I ended up letting Britt get out for a bit to walk around and she was HILARIOUS. She wanted to push the cart all by herself and I was surprised at how strong she is! That junk was heavy and she was doing a great job of handling it! I was walking behind her and talking to her and I bet people were wondering why I was talking to myself out loud like that since they couldn’t see her hahaha. She was a BLAST and it was so fun getting stopped every five seconds by random strangers who wanted to compliment her on being so adorable. I don’t take her places very often so I ate up all the attention she was getting, and so did she!

That night my SWEET husband surprised me with an AWESOME home date! He spent only $25 on all the food and cooked a FEAST for us! He even had the dining room all set pretty with candles lit and everything. And it was delicious. With all the stress we had been dealing with at the time it was so thoughtful of him and such a nice way to wind down a bit and just relax! The kids were in bed and we could just enjoy a yummy meal and each other’s company. I’m so blessed!!!

Most Sundays I totally am running around like a crazy woman and forget to snap a picture of us in our Sunday Best but I actually remembered that weekend! Zach and Kye LOVE to match which I think is so adorable. When we have the time we all four will try to coordinate our church outfits but usually the guys will match and Britt and I will match. Or Zach will match both kids and I’m just out of the loop haha. I promise you I do NOT “make” Zach do this, it’s 100% on his own and he loves it! Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever???? On this particular Sunday the boys matched so Britt and I matched 🙂

Check out that sweet sibling hand holding!

Zach was kinda peeved at me for letting Kye “shave” for the first time when he was out of town back in January so that night he helped Kye get a “proper shave.” It was too cute!!!

We had a wonderful weekend just enjoying time together and tried to cherish every second we could with our sweet babies. We are constantly reminded of God’s blessings when we look at the two precious babies He gave to us. I’m so thankful to be married to such a wonderful father who ENJOYS spending every second he can with his children! 

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  1. Juli Skelton
    April 26, 2013 / 5:44 pm

    I have to get my boys tge shaving thing!!

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