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Ready for the Challenge!

Monday, December 31, 2012

I have officially weaned Brittlynn (post to come...I'm in the fun cabbage wearing phase now...) and am ordering my 24 Day Challenge TOMORROW!!! Ahh! I'm really, truly excited. I have run out of most of the products I take daily and since I knew I was going to order the Challenge stuff I just figured I'd go off everything over the holidays. Um. I'm MISERABLE. I feel so yucky. I feel bloated. I feel like my face is puffier. I feel like I might be getting sick. I've had more headaches the past two weeks than I have in the past 6 months. Let's just say Jan 7th can't get here soon enough!!! If you're like me then your Facebook is probably blowing UP with the news of the big sale and the competitions Advocare has going on for Jan 1st: 1. Advocare is DISCOUNTING the 24 Day Challenge on Jan 1st (I'm glad I waited to place my order!). (You can click on ALL the pictures to make them bigger and read them better!) 2. They are also debuting the n

Kye Monthly Summary - November

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Here's everything my sweet boy was up to during the month of November! Was it really just a month ago? It feels like AGES ago!!! Chalk Fun:  One morning Kye thought up the idea to go outside and draw with chalk...sounded like a good plan to me! We bundled up and headed out :) I love doing fun things with my sweet boy and spending quality time together while Britt Britt naps!  He took it very seriously, of course First time playing hopscotch!  Kye LOVES to go outside! And always wants to be bundled up...even if it's not that cold out Gangsta Helping Daddy blow off the porch...haha Sports:  Zach and I agreed that we would NEVER pressure Kye to like sports. My family was never that into sports whereas Zach's was always hardcore about them. We're two opposite extremes and we just want to let our children decide their own paths in this area. Kye has taken a BIG liking to all things sports this month. He found a mitt and velcro base

The Hunt for Mr. Claus

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Every year we take a visit to meet Santa. I LOVE going to Steel's as they are so relaxed and Santa is always so sweet. This year Santa wouldn't be able to see us at Steel's. I went into Santa hunt down mode...what is Christmas without a picture on Santa's lap, right??? I did not  want to do the mall thing. They always rush you and the cheapest  photo package is over $20. No thanks!!! I saw in our church bulletin that there was going to be an event downtown to light the city's Christmas tree. I thought it'd be fun to go and was hopeful that Santa would make an appearance. It was the night before Thanksgiving which worked out great...we got dressed and headed out a little after 5ish. We parked at the church and walked over to City Hall. And NO ONE was there. I had gotten the dates mixed up haha. It was the Wednesday after  Thanksgiving (which makes a lot more sense...). Thankfully Zach was only mildly would think I would have learned my lesson a
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