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I have officially weaned Brittlynn (post to come…I’m in the fun cabbage wearing phase now…) and am ordering my 24 Day Challenge TOMORROW!!! Ahh! I’m really, truly excited. I have run out of most of the products I take daily and since I knew I was going to order the Challenge stuff I just figured I’d go off everything over the holidays. Um. I’m MISERABLE. I feel so yucky. I feel bloated. I feel like my face is puffier. I feel like I might be getting sick. I’ve had more headaches the past two weeks than I have in the past 6 months. Let’s just say Jan 7th can’t get here soon enough!!!

If you’re like me then your Facebook is probably blowing UP with the news of the big sale and the competitions Advocare has going on for Jan 1st:

1. Advocare is DISCOUNTING the 24 Day Challenge on Jan 1st (I’m glad I waited to place my order!). (You can click on ALL the pictures to make them bigger and read them better!)

2. They are also debuting the new work out dvd series. It’s similar to P90X but it’s only 24 min long, doesn’t require any equipment and only costs $29!!! 

3. They have created a new bundle for the 24 Day Challenge and Beyond! It has TONS of stuff included in it! I did the math and decided that I’m for SURE ordering this bundle for myself. It just makes sense as it’s such a great deal!!! For ordering the bundle on Jan 1st you are entered to win an all expense paid trip for two to HAWAII!!! Here’s everything it includes:

4. For ordering the challenge on Jan 1st you can be entered to win LOTS of cash! There are three different competitions taking place:

  • The biggest loser competition we’re hosting for $150 cash prize (more info on that HERE)
  • A company wide contest where they are giving away $40,000…more info here:

  • And another contest where they are giving away $1000:

So many awesome opportunities to win some stuff while meeting weight loss/get healthy goals! If you are interested in learning more about the challenge you can read my personal story of doing the modified version for nursing mothers and see my results HERE. I’m hoping to blow those results out of the water with the real deal!!! 🙂 

If you’re interested in purchasing the 24 day challenge or the 24 days and beyond bundle be sure to WAIT until tomorrow to place your order! You will get the discounts and be able to enter in all the contests! My only big recommendation is to add an extra box of shakes to your order. I am def adding them to mine as I drink one EVERY morning. It’s tough to have the time to make a healthy breakfast (who wants to wake up earlier???) so I love the shakes and know I’m starting my day off right each morning!

I also highly recommend doing the challenge WITH a partner. You’ll have our group doing it together to lean on but doing it with someone who lives with you or near you or who you are close with makes so much sense. It’ll help hold you accountable and you can encourage and motivate each other!

A big no-brainer is joining the membership. My FIRST question when I heard the Challenge will be on sale was “will I get my discount on top of the sale price?” And the answer is YES! You can join the membership for $79 and get 20% off of anything you order (including BOTH of the bundles that are on sale!). Plus they will send you $50 worth of products (a bunch of it is Spark! Score!). If you decide to join the membership, sign up for that BEFORE placing your order so you’ll be sure to get that discount. You can join the membership HERE:

If you just want to order the 24 Day Challenge you can do so HERE (but remember, wait until Jan 1st so you’ll get that discount!):

Since both the DVD and the 24 Day and Beyond bundle won’t be released until Jan 1st I don’t have a direct link to those. You can click on my shop and I’m sure they will both be easy to find!

If you have any questions PLEASE contact me! I’m excited to see who all will be joining me on this journey to kick-start 2013 🙂

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    January 3, 2013 / 4:24 pm

    Yeah girl- when is this reunion? How long do I have to get HOTT? (your words not mine)

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