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Kye Monthly Summary ~ April

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here's everything going on with Kye during the month of April! Full Tummy: I'm not sure when it started but Kye is always showing us his belly and saying "I'm SO full. Look at my belly! It's so big!" Most often when he does this is when he actually isn't full and just wants to be done eating so he can go play or something. Games: Kye LOVES to play games, I'm so thankful we own like every single one of them thanks to some mega sale ToysRUs had awhile back where they were each $2!!! He and Zach played Candyland together and it is a GREAT way to teach colors. We need to play it often over the summer for sure :) Gramma got him Go Fish for Easter and he LOVES it! I worried he'd be too young but really, if you think about it, it's just a matching game. He has so much fun getting to "go fish" :) "got a match!" Photographer: Kye has gotten really into taking pictures. Now that he's older I don'
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