Kye Monthly Summary ~ April

Here’s everything going on with Kye during the month of April!

Full Tummy: I’m not sure when it started but Kye is always showing us his belly and saying “I’m SO full. Look at my belly! It’s so big!” Most often when he does this is when he actually isn’t full and just wants to be done eating so he can go play or something.

Games: Kye LOVES to play games, I’m so thankful we own like every single one of them thanks to some mega sale ToysRUs had awhile back where they were each $2!!! He and Zach played Candyland together and it is a GREAT way to teach colors. We need to play it often over the summer for sure πŸ™‚

Gramma got him Go Fish for Easter and he LOVES it! I worried he’d be too young but really, if you think about it, it’s just a matching game. He has so much fun getting to “go fish” πŸ™‚

“got a match!”

Photographer: Kye has gotten really into taking pictures. Now that he’s older I don’t mind letting him use my camera as long as he asks first. He’s really careful with it and is getting better at actually having a subject in his images! Here’s some of the pictures he took this month:

New facebook profile pic? πŸ˜‰

Speaking of pictures, he has also figured out my scheme to get him to look cute when we do photo shoots. I was out in another room and he called me into his room. He had this ALL set up and said “Take my picture so I can get a sucker!” Haha. He’s pretty clever πŸ™‚ And no, he didn’t get a sucker!

It didn’t stop him from trying again though!

Once he caught on that I wouldn’t be falling for it, he still enjoyed setting up his own photo shoots. He puts all of his stuffed animals (Yes, he has like a MILLION and I can’t stand them! Yet somehow we keep adding more!?!) together and takes pictures with them. Mrs. Charlotte had a great idea when she bought the kids their own cameras for Christmas. It takes actual pictures and you can go back through and look at them and everything! You can even put them on your computer…but I doubt that’ll be happening!

Here’s a video of him

Taking pictures of each other while taking pictures

Coloring: Kye has always enjoyed coloring!!! He’s gotten really good at coloring in the lines and focuses on what he is doing (at least majority of the time) He also draws faces now and even little bodies! He is very much like me in that he’s a perfectionist. When he was coloring Payton’s birthday card he “messed up” and was SO upset. He begged me to buy a new card. Instead I had him color her a picture and he worked so hard on that thing! He wanted it perfect for his cousin πŸ™‚

He also made cards for teacher appreciation week:

He always “writes” in a line and from left to right

Finished product of Payton’s page

Face he drew on the back!

Wacky Wednesday: School had a day where all the kids got to dress up super wacky. I wasn’t sure if Kye would be into it or not but oh goodness! He LOVED it!!! We dressed him up super wacky and he even picked out the hat himself. At first he said he couldn’t wear the crocs because they didn’t match but after Wacky Wednesday he would pull out non-matching crocs and say “we can wear these next year for Wacky Wednesday!” I don’t know how (or if?!?) the teachers were able to get ANYTHING done that day. Just dropping him off was craziness. All the kids were SO pumped up about their clothes πŸ˜‰

Since Wacky Wednesday Kye has been more into dressing up than usual, and it’s funny to see him come up with this stuff!

This hat was Nana’s πŸ™‚

My boots!

Food: This month Kye graduated to legit sandwiches. Up until this point if I made him a sandwich I used one slice of bread and just folded it in half but now he eats an entire “big boy” one. This face cracks me up. You can tell he’s thinking “put up the camera Mom”

Also this month I created at home Chickfila sandwiches. I just heated up two frozen chicken fingers and put them on a bun. Kye LOVED it!!! He asks for it practically every day!

Sometimes it makes sense for Kye to eat on the go. If we’re running errands I’ll make him a “lunch in a box” to eat while in the stroller. I also do this for breakfast when we go on walks. It works great because he can just eat to his hearts content and I’m able to get things done without worrying about entertaining him!

Playground: Kye still adores his playground and we play on it very regularly. I LOVE that we can just spend five minutes out there if needed. It’s so handy having it in the backyard πŸ™‚ Typically Kye will ask to swing first so he and Britt will swing for a few minutes then I’ll tell him he can go down the slide “x” amount of times before we need to go ahead and go in. When he races around the playground I cheer him on (thus making him go faster haha) and we always slap fives as he passes by me for the next round! 

Here he’s attempting to tell me he gets to go down the slide five times rather than the three I told him he could

I love these facial expressions!

“five times mom, i gotta go five times”

“ugh. just three times”

Swim: During this month Kye had 4 swim session with Mrs Margie just to refresh and have him ready for summer in our pool. I took some videos more for Zach and I to remind us of what we need to be practicing with him this summer. Here’s a video of him swimming from the ledge (you can hear Brittlynn drinking her bottle too cute!) it shows the different ways we should have him practice with his arms. This video shows how to practice with him to reach the ledge of our pool. Some key things we need to work on with him: remind him to REST during starfish. Rest his toes and get air. When doing starfish he needs to put his hand on his belly button to turn over. Use superman arms/shark arms to swim. Swim with his arms on his head. He was a ROCK STAR for swim!!! We let him slide down her water slide after each practice and it was the perfect motivation to work hard. He did 20 min long sessions so it was double the length of time he had last year and I’m proud of how hard he worked…we’re planning to put him in stroke lessons in the fall!!!

Friends: I’m not really sure at what age Kye will stop loving his friends? He always wants them whenever he has video time and has them when he sleeps. It’s still all four: monkey, blanket, pillow and smyrna (who is a bear Zach actually got from the mayor of the city of Smyrna, I know random). He uses them often for role playing which I think is very healthy. He’ll get up from naps or night sleep and tell me “Smyrna got a spanking because he made bad choices. But I still love him!” It’s a great thing to hear him say because it lets me know he is soaking in what we tell him when we discipline him. I think it’s healthy for him to get to “be the boss” over something, so he can feel in control at times!

Hiding with his friends πŸ™‚

Outside Watching: I LOVE our big windows. I’m so, so thankful we chose them. We spend a lot of our time looking outside. We watch the squirrels, birds, and often discover other interesting things (we have a HUGE lizard that lives on our porch and it’s always fun to see the school bus drive by or garbage truck or planes flying over us)

Bath: I always thought baths were supposed to be a parenting battle zone? Both of my kids love bath time and Kye’s never gone through a stage where he didn’t enjoy it. When I’m home alone I give him a bath early since I can’t bathe him while nursing Brittlynn πŸ˜‰ He will stay in the tub until he’s a total prune! He enjoys special treats with bath time as well like getting to have bubbles or taking a bath in our tub πŸ™‚

Reading: Kye has gotten a lot more into reading on his own this month. I’ll often find him sitting alone reading out loud. He may not be actually reading but it’s great that he already enjoys it! Here’s a video of him reading and another video of him reading πŸ™‚ And ONE more video!

Studying up haha

He loves the look and find type books!

Toys: Kye still very much enjoys the “pick a treasure” game where he puts a ton of stuff in a bag and has us pick a prize. He really likes to get out LOTS of toys at a time. I find myself quite often having to tell him that he’s not allowed to get anything else out. He’s GREAT about clean up so I don’t mind too much, as long as it’s not a crazy amount of stuff. You can tell too that he always likes to have everything lined up perfectly! He plays wonderfully on his own which I’m so thankful for (here’s a video)

He owns practically every Toy Story toy imaginable!

He wanted a picture of his Potato Head creations (love the woman’s mustache…)

Working With Daddy: Even before we had kids Zach would talk to me about how important it is for our children to have good work ethic. We’ve never actually sat down and discussed our parenting goals but just from the way Zach parents I’d think that a strong work ethic is at the top of his list. Kye already admires his Daddy so much and i love that Zach takes the time to include him in things he works on!

Doing a little Aflac πŸ˜‰

Mr. Rusty and Zach were working on pouring cement to make the stairs for the storage shed and Kye wanted to help. It was for sure not a safe thing for him to help with so instead I set him up in his jeep with a Popsicle. He happily sat and just watched them for over an HOUR!!!

More things Kye was up to in April:

  • He says his favorite colors are green and pink
  • He knows his colors if you give him choices and will sometimes get it right when you ask like “what color is this?”
  • Kye can cross his fingers
  • He was SO excited for the new playground. He would often talk about people coming over to play on it and one day he said to me “Mommy you can’t get fussy when a lot of people come to play with my playground”
  • He started standing up to go tee-tee on April 6th. He does WONDERFULLY with it. I have heard so many horror stories about boys making big messes, but not Kye. I have yet to have to clean up anything! He does a great job pulling down his pants on his own, lifting the toilet seat on his own, aiming into the bowl, and shaking himself off before pulling his pants back up.
  • He was holding Britt’s hand and I asked what he was doing he said “I’m holding Britt’s hand like Casey and Jordan” πŸ™‚
  • Kye loves golf and he and Zach have been practicing more often. Zach is ALL about teaching him proper form πŸ™‚ Here’s a video of some of their practicing. Of course he balled out prior to me taping and then after too. I think he has camera fright or something!
  • He is always concerned with Brittlynn when she cries and often checks the monitor. This video shows how he tried to calm her down through the monitor (and he accidentally threw it which makes me laugh)
  • Kye and I went out just the two of us one day and Zach put Brittlynn down for her nap…Kye right away came home and asked “Did Brittlynn go nite nite okay Daddy?”
  • Kye started singing “gettin jiggy with it” (I wonder where he heard that from? ZACH)
  • When I tell him something he doesn’t like to hear he has started saying the standard kid “awwww moommmm”
  • He also started saying “You’ve got to be kidding me” (learned that one from me)
  • He REALLY likes to know plans (another thing from his mama huh?) and will want to know the order of everything we’re going to do. Will often ask “what are we gonna do after that?”
  • When I have offered to help him do things he will say “I’m a man, I can do it”
  • He likes to pick who says prayers first…usually it’s Daddy, Mommy then Kye
  • When he prays he prays for: hopstible with my friends, stevie’s party, and the wedding
  • On Wacky Wednesday at school he came home and said he had a fun day but that Kailyn wore a butterfly on her face (I’m assuming some type of mask) and that he did not like it!
  • During some sibling time in the pack and play Brittlynn started crying so I raced in there and am pretty sure Kye had dropped a toy on her face. Kye was super quick to cover his butt though he right away said “I think she was choking on her fingers” Gotta watch that kid!
  • It was raining and Kye wanted to play outside. I told him we couldn’t because of the rain and he quickly responded “we could play on the porch though” His problem solving skills are really developing
  • He noticed my nose ring for the first time and asked what it is. I kept it simple and just said a little sparkle on my nose. He’s worried that it hurts but I just keep reminding him that it doesn’t
  • We were talking about the Garden of Eden. I asked where Kye lives and he said “Chickfila”
  • I was nursing Brittlynn and Kye came around the corner in the hallway, looked at me, and said “what’s poppin?” It cracked me UP and Zach HAD NOT taught him to say that so he picked it up on his own haha
  • In the car one day Kye said “when I’m big like Jesus I’m going to drive to heaven”
  • For trampoline Kye says “jumpoline” (here’s a video of him jumping from it to his bean bag chair) and for guitar Kye says “tar” Also he calls nostrils “snots”
  • He ADORES bread. He will just eat and eat it at dinner so we have started having him eat his other food on his plate before he’s allowed to have some bread. It’s really helped!
  • To be sweet he has started kissing me on the forehead πŸ™‚
  • He can count to 13
  • He loves to entertain his sister, especially by dancing while she jumps. Here’s a video!
  • Favorite animal is a horse
  • Favorite book is “I love you forever”
  • I am constantly hearing “watch this mommy!” He loves to show me all of his tricks!

It was another wonderful month in the world of Kye πŸ™‚


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    My mother-in-law has a bunch of horses, like 8. Β She teaches lessons too, y'all should bring him out one day and she'll put him on one of her horses she uses for kids! Β She'd LOVE it!

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