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Easter Pics

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I LOVE any excuse to get some pictures. Have you noticed that about me?!?! ;) I think my favorite thing about Easter is getting dressed up all coordinated as a family and getting pictures together. When looking for our Easter attire I gained a whole new appreciation for The Children's Place. They have some great coordinating combinations for the kids!!! I KNEW when I saw Kye's vest that it was perfect because Zach has one that is almost identical. Mom and I went shopping and I got my dress at Ross. I love how well we all match!

When we got home from church we took a bunch of Easter pics before unwinding at nap time. It really worked out well and I'm glad Mom was there to take our family ones for us!!!

Cleaning off our pollen covered bench ;)
This is ADORABLE of Brittlynn...and hilarious of Zach!
Cropped version of the picture above, isn't she a cutie?!?!
Our Family

My and my boy
My favorite!
Gramma and her sweeties
watching a big truck go by

The first one is better of Britt, but I like this one better of Kye
Don't they look adorable?
I love how pumped Zach gets about matching his's really super precious

Attempt at a sibling shot...sweet Kye tried so hard to make her smile!
It annoys the crap out of me that Zach ALWAYS has such amazing pictures with the kids. But then I remind myself that they are smiling and adorable because I am the one behind the camera...right??? ;) Seriously though this is my favorite pic of the two of them so far!

I love to see her laugh!

Kye had fun playing while we took pics of Britt

I snapped a few more once we got inside

Showing off his sucker (reward for taking such great pictures!)

such a lady ;)
Kye wanted another picture with his sister
I really adore her dress. It's not stiff and overly fancy but it's so sweet and precious to me.
He had to stay on the stairs to eat it

Happy First Easter Miss Brittlynn!

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  1. Wanted to say hi from a fellow blogger (NC here) Love your blog and have been following it for awhile now. You remind me of myself taking so many pics! I have 3 young kids :)


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