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Kye's First Time Fishing

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's really sweet to me how whenever we visit Dad he and Zach have a fishing routine. They get up early and hit the lake for several hours together. I like that they enjoy each others company and make the effort to have "guy time." Audrey, Kye and I hung at the house and had a nice time catching up. I am always a fan of one-on-one time with someone because you can really talk and get deeper about things, ya know? It was nice to get to know Audrey a little better during our time together! After their fishing fun Saturday, Zach had the idea to pick up some crickets on our way to the wedding so we could take Kye out Sunday. It was funny driving around Lawrenceville to the sound of crickets chirping! Sunday morning we went down to the lake (Audrey is still recovering from a mega bad fall on her ankle several months ago, that required surgery, so she couldn't join us) and did some fishing. Dad said it was my first time going too. haha. Somewhat true though :) Puttin

Taylor's Wedding Weekend

Monday, May 30, 2011

Taylor was my maid of honor and super good friend in high school (and beyond!). OF COURSE when we got her wedding invitation in the mail we planned on going! I loved that Taylor was up front with me and said they weren't having kids attend. That way we could make plans to be there but also be sure to have plans for Kye. We decided to take the opportunity to visit my dad and stay the weekend with him and Audrey. As a bonus they agreed to keep Kye while we attended the wedding! Worked out perfect :) We drove up to Dad's on April 29th (I'm over a month behind...not cool). Typically when we travel we leave at Kye's nap. This was our first road trip with Kye since Thanksgiving . A LOT has changed since then. He's fully potty trained , he's in a big boy bed, and he's done with the paci . It turns out he's hit another milestone...and one that we aren't too pumped about. He'll no longer nap fully in the car. It's just done :( Boo! So he didn'

12 Weeks Pregnant!

I truly do apologize for being MIA this past week. It's the longest I've gone without blogging in forever . I don't really have a valid excuse (although 3 out of town weddings and 1 week in Bermuda all in the same month probably is decently valid!) but it is what it is. I'm back and I'll be catching up ASAP! I missed posting on Friday as we were at the third (and final...for awhile!) wedding! I'm THRILLED to be into my second trimester and here's what's going on in week 12 of this pregnancy journey: Baby Growth: Blitzen is now the size of a lime and just over 2 inches long. So exciting! He or she now has reflexes and if I poke my belly Blitzen will move in response (even though I can't feel it yet)! If we could look inside my belly, here is what Blitzen looks like: Belly Picture: We were at the beach on Friday, which is when I officially hit 12 weeks, so we made due and snapped a picture before lunch. I LOVED the cute stickers Danielle had t

Easter 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

When I get super behind like this, you get super long blog entries! Easter is a rush-rush-rush kind of thing because it always falls on a Sunday which is already a full day for us. The Easter Bunny hid all of Kye's eggs in the living room and we hunted as soon as he woke up. We're trying hard to get better about taking more family videos so here's the video of Kye hunting his eggs (I realize none of you watch these, I don't expect you to...they are 100% for us!).  He had a BLAST and was too cute!  He found them all ( mostly) by himself  "Happy Easter!"  all those eggs got pretty heavy!  The Easter Bunny went a little overboard on the presents  He's an at age where he's super easy to please, cheap toy cars make him pumped   Here's a video of Kye digging into his basket!  Ugh, I wish the Easter Bunny took returns, this is the most aggravating book b/c every page is a puzzle  A new Veggie Tales movie!  Kye doesn't watch tv shows but the Ea
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