Easter 2011

When I get super behind like this, you get super long blog entries! Easter is a rush-rush-rush kind of thing because it always falls on a Sunday which is already a full day for us. The Easter Bunny hid all of Kye’s eggs in the living room and we hunted as soon as he woke up. We’re trying hard to get better about taking more family videos so here’s the video of Kye hunting his eggs (I realize none of you watch these, I don’t expect you to…they are 100% for us!).

 He had a BLAST and was too cute!

 He found them all (mostly) by himself

 “Happy Easter!”

 all those eggs got pretty heavy!

 The Easter Bunny went a little overboard on the presents

 He’s an at age where he’s super easy to please, cheap toy cars make him pumped

 Here’s a video of Kye digging into his basket!

 Ugh, I wish the Easter Bunny took returns, this is the most aggravating book b/c every page is a puzzle

 A new Veggie Tales movie!

 Kye doesn’t watch tv shows but the Easter Bunny knows about our Disney trip so he thought it’d be a good idea to get some toy Disney characters!

 The favorite toy? An army man set!

It wasn’t too crazy of a morning. Since Kye is so young the egg hunting and basket opening last under 30 min total. It was my personal favorite part of the entire holiday. I LOVE stuff with just our little family. We do so much with our extended families that I cherish the little traditions that just the three of us share.

Mom came by before church to exchange Easter goodies with us since she didn’t tag along for the Easter festivities. She got Kye some cute new Cars pjs and other fun gifts!

 Helping Daddy open (as usual)

 Chalk set for Gramma’s house

 Levi is worse than Kye when it comes to “helping” people open presents

 New reading material for me ๐Ÿ™‚

 Easter pic with Gramma

 We got some good family pics and in an ideal world I’d take my face off this one…

 and put it on this one, then this would be a perfect family photo!

We attended church at Lakeland that morning with Zach’s family. It worked out well because they start an hour later than we do so we had more time to get ready and we’d be going out there later that day anyway to celebrate Easter so why not worship there too? Kye really enjoyed having church with his cousins!

After services we hurried to Mema’s and got all our family photos then put the kids down for naps while we ate lunch. After lunch we hunted eggs then headed to Seth and Crissy’s for our last egg hunt of the year. A BUSY day that had me completely exhausted. It was fun though! Here’s some Parker Family pictures:

Sweet Cousins

 The Fleming Family

 Our family

 Zach with Mema (she’s Mrs. Charlotte’s mom for those of you who try to keep up with this family tree of ours!)

 Kye with G-Mama and Big Papa

Proud Grandparents

 Let’s see how many of you comment about how good looking my in-laws are. I do agree! I always joke that the reason I married Zach is because he’ll look just like his dad as he ages ๐Ÿ˜‰

 Trey, Zach’s cousin, is living with Mr. Rusty and Mrs. Charlotte as is Casey right now so they have a full house again!

 The girls

 Zach practicing for pictures with two kids ๐Ÿ˜‰

 We’re all about a good picture and if Kye wouldn’t cooperate we’d just get one of the two of us ๐Ÿ™‚

 The whole Parker clan! (Colt is very anti-pictures, someday we will get a great photo of all of us together. Poor kid was just over it!)

 I loved Kye’s Easter outfit this year. I went with something more casual and thought it was cute. The pants had little sailboats all over them and his undershirt was green with white stripes. And he wore cute little boat shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

It was a WONDERFUL Easter and filled with many good memories. I love that Kye is at an age where he gets into hunting the eggs, gets excited about presents, will smile for (most) pictures, semi-understands who the Easter Bunny is, and fully appreciates a fun time!

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