11 Weeks Pregnant

Only one week until I can start baby shopping!!! I’m actually thinking about setting up a registry next week online so I can add things I need as I think of them or as I find the exact item I want. Speaking of…any recommendations for a double stroller? I was thinking about just getting a double jogging one but then the baby can’t use it for quite awhile right? I see lots of sit/stand types…seem silly to me, but does anyone have one and like it? I’ll probably eventually do an entire post on this issue b/c I’m REALLY unsure of what I want or need!

Baby Growth: This week Blitzen is 1 1/2 inches long, about the size of a fig, and is almost fully formed. He or she is moving around like crazy but I won’t be able to feel it for another month or so (guess those flutters for sure aren’t baby huh?)

Belly Picture: Here’s my first belly picture! When I was pregnant with Kye I was all about showing my bare belly off…I thought it was cute and pregnant, um looking back it was not-so-cute so this time around I’m going for the covered look. I also have stickers for the rest of the weeks to put on, but didn’t have one for week 11! Also my boobs are bigger than these show, I forgot to take off my sports bra and put on a real one. I haven’t mastered the self-pics yet, but I have plenty of time to get it right!

My Symptoms: WOW the difference a week can make! It’s typical for this week to be the one where pregnant women start feeling better and more energized, less sick, etc. And it’s true! I do feel much less sick and my appetite is increasing. Yesterday I was actually HUNGRY for the first time in ages! I downed a canned raw tuna fish, creamy peanut butter, honey and whole wheat bread sandwich. It hit the SPOT! 

I’ve figured out that I simply HAVE to force myself to eat breakfast. I’ve been eating it with Kye (and lunch with him as well, he loves it!) and it’s helped me feel better for the whole day. I probably should have listened to everyone and started making myself eat sooner!

I do not, however, feel more energized. I’m still very, very tired and have started to get in the bed at 9:30 or 10. I will watch a little tv then go to sleep, and I will also lay down while Kye is napping. I am just worn out. Exhausted really! This week I started to feel a LOT of guilt over neglecting my friends. ALL of my friends. I’ve seriously not hung out with anyone in weeks. No lunches. No playdates. No nights out. Nothing. I don’t have the energy to go anywhere or do anything! Part of me wants to do better about that, but then another part of me says why bother? Once Blitzen arrives my social life is over anyway for a LONG time. 3 naps a day means you don’t get to go out much!!! I am going out for a girls night Monday and all my neglected friends are invited (this means you!) so join us πŸ˜‰

While for the most part I was feeling better this week, I did have my first pregnancy migraine. I got them BAD my second trimester with Kye and I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen this time around. What really stinks is that I woke up with the headache…it’s a horrible feeling!!! I also had my first ever pregnancy yeast infection. I get them pretty often anyways (I’ve heard I’m lucky b/c supposedly UTIs are waaaay worse) so it’s not a big deal, but I never got any with Kye.

I’ve been still having VERY vivid dreams. A few nights ago I dreamed Kye had aspergers (that’s the morning I woke up with the headache…which makes sense, it was a horrible, sad, scary dream). Another night I dreamed that Mrs. Charlotte had another baby and didn’t tell anyone and gave it away to some random people. I was the last to find out and was super pissed b/c I have SO many people in my life who would love to adopt and I couldn’t believe she’d just give it away like that. And last night I dreamed that Zach and I were international spies racing from the bad guys and having to watch every move we made (it was a pretty fun dream!). 

My skin is still not ideal, no dark spots yet but still several pimples which annoy me. I had the beautiful pregnancy glow with Kye so this whole gross skin thing is not fun! My boobs are very, very full feeling and I already have the urge to nurse. I remember when they were full of milk and I needed to feed or pump to make them feel better, and the fullness they are right now makes my body feel that same instinct to empty them out. It’s so neat to me how conditioned we are to do things. Veins are more noticeable on them and they are getting more tender (and bigger) everyday. 

Weight: I’m four pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight (same as what I weighed on Tues at my dr visit)

Gender: Sometime soon I’m going to set up a place for you guys to guess the gender, due date, etc and we’ll do some prizes for the people who guess correctly πŸ˜‰ It makes it fun! I wonder if I can find a program where you can also guess names? If someone got that right they’d have to get an awesome prize!!!

Maternity Clothes: I am feeling good about majority of my regular clothes and am loving that I still don’t have any need for a bella band!!!

Movement: too early

Sleep: Yes please! Wish I could sleep non-stop all the time. Still mostly on my stomach, still sleeping great (other than the bad dreams).

Cravings: Still strawberry koolaide. But right now I’m hardcore into milk. Plain, choc, strawberry. YUM! I’ve also been craving slim fast which I know is kinda odd. Seafood still is a big one. Really not that into ice cream still either. I ate it a few nights ago and it was just okay. Don’t worry though, I still LOVE Blizzards πŸ˜‰ I’ve been eating 1 poptart for breakfast with a glass of milk then a sandwich or seafood (no worries, I’m nothing close to over-doing it on the seafood thing) or a slimfast then dinner I pick at whatever we’re having. I’ve been drinking milk at pretty much every meal…it’s gonna start getting expensive if it keeps up!

What I miss: Nothing much, it’d be nice to have more energy but this was a good week and is going to make it easier for me to be POSITIVE like I want to be about pregnancy πŸ™‚

Best Pregnancy Moment of the Week: SO many: Kye’s excitement about the heartbeat, that the heartbeat was so strong and healthy, starting to feel better, having a clean house (well mostly clean and it took me all week to get it here!), and not being as worried about having 2 kids in the house. I looked back over Kye’s schedule at a young age and by 5 weeks old the baby will nap from 9-11, 1-3, then 5-7. Kye naps from 1-330 so that’s perfect. Kye’s preschool drop off time is 8:45 so if I’m the first in line I can be back for nap, perfect. Kye’s preschool pick-up is at noon so baby wakes at 11, eats and we pick up Kye and they get a little time together before next nap. And the evening nap will be nice because Zach, Kye and I can eat together just the three of us for dinner and give him that private attention then when the baby wakes up at 7 I can nurse while Kye gets a bath with Daddy. Really it’s wonderful! And the first 5 weeks I’ll have plenty of help, so I def. feel better about everything πŸ™‚

Questions/Concerns: Now that I feel better about scheduling two kids, I’m nervous about getting things done. I realized I will have NO LIFE when the baby comes and this house needs some serious decorating. I gotta get it done before Blitzen arrives!!! I’m also nervous about finding time to Christmas shop and decorate a nursery when Blitzen does get here. Since we won’t know the sex I’m holding off on any nursery decorating…which could be stressful. As it gets closer I’ll pick out everything I want so hopefully I’ll get home from the hospital and just click “order”!!! The only downside is the COST. People helped us with Kye’s nursery stuff and we got things as gifts…but I doubt that’ll happen since we’ll be decorating after he or she arrives. Maybe we can get people to do it for Christmas gifts???

Goals for this Week: Well…I did good on getting the house clean. I want to keep it this way and actually deep clean it too (helllllo dust…) instead of just straitening. I’ve also re-introduced Kye to roomtime and it’s going GREAT so I’m hopeful next week will be just as smooth! I also looked in the attic for the journals and stuff and couldn’t find them πŸ™ Maybe I can get Zach to help me out up there πŸ™‚

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  1. Week 11 Pregnancy
    March 22, 2012 / 4:49 am

    You are looking so adorable in photos,Β  loved reading your story and look forward to following along!

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