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Having a Girl

Saturday, December 31, 2011

As many of you know, I was dying for a baby girl. I wanted one so badly that Zach and I tried lots of tricks to conceive a girl (guess they can read about what we did here !). While I wanted a girl super badly, once we got pregnant things changed. We don't find out the sex of the baby until it's born so I was worried that I'd spend nine months wanting a girl then if I had a boy I'd be mega upset. Right when I found out I was pregnant I started focusing on the positives about baby #2 being a much so that I SERIOUSLY changed my mind and hoped Blitzen would be our second son!!! One of the first things everyone asked me after Brittlynn was born was if I seriously did want another boy or if I was just saying that so I wouldn't be disappointed if she had been a he...well I PROMISE you, I really did want a boy!!! Once she arrived I still wasn't hardcore excited that she was a girl. The only positive girl thing I kept thinking was that I'd g

Kye's First Progress Report

Friday, December 30, 2011

Kye started preschool this past August and I'm SO glad we made the choice to go ahead and start this year. He goes three days a week for half a day and it's the perfect amount. We debated which class to put him in as based on his birthday he should have been in the two year old class, not the two and a half year old one. However, we discussed it with the principal and she agreed that he was fine to be in the older class. Typically boys are behind girls in school and he's the youngest in the class so I didn't expect him to surpass his peers or anything like that. His bff, Kailyn, is the oldest in the class as she turned three soon after school started. I taught her in Bible Class at church and the girl is beyond smart. Knows all of her colors while Kye doesn't know any! It doesn't bother me that he may be "behind" his peers. I think it's a good thing to have kids like Kailyn in class with him as it helps him learn! We got his progress report t

2 Day Hospital Visit

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brittlynn was born on Tuesday, we left the hospital on Thursday and we had to go back to the hospital for her two day (since leaving the hospital) check up on Saturday. They said we could bring her by anytime from 2-4. Easier said than done when your toddler naps from 1-3:30! Zach and I discussed it, and it's something we're going to have to remind each other of over and over again. Now that we have a baby, Kye's schedule comes second to her schedule. The first year of a baby's life scheduling is VITAL. Since Kye is older, he is more flexible. We decided to leave based on what was best for Brittlynn so right when she got done nursing we left. Luckily Kye was semi-awake anyway so it worked out perfectly. It was our first time taking Brittlynn out and we had both kids with us. It went pretty smoothly! Luckily, she likes the car (at least so far) and slept the entire way. We didn't make Kye sit in silence and we all sang Christmas songs on the way there. He was nervo

Britt's First Bath

Newborns don't need baths very often but it's always been something Zach and I enjoy! You can see the pics from Kye's first bath here . Since Britt still has her cord we can't fully submerge her in the water so we washed her body, then her hair separately. Kye was super pumped about helping and Gramma was able to be there for the big event too! Here's a video of the start of Brittlynn's first bath! Using the sponges Teresa gave him in the delivery room Daddy cleaning her up! Fun family time She really enjoyed it! Especially washing her hair - so glad we had the pictures of her first bath at the hospital to know how to wash it the way she likes :) Big helper! Her hair looked so soft after being clean! We don't give her baths very often...she doesn't have long enough awake time for them yet! Zach does enjoy washing her hair though so sometimes he'll just do that and not do the full bath. I'm not rus

Heading Home

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Kye's nap Zach and Kye headed back up to the hospital so we could all go home as a family. Of course Brittlynn decided to nurse for like two hours straight (and my body decided that that was the time I'd need to poop for my first time after delivery so that took awhile...) so I was rushing around trying to get dressed and packed up and they ended up getting there before I was completely ready to go. Kye did a great job being patient and waiting though and Zach was a HUGE help! He got her dressed for her first time in one of the cute outfits Mom and Mrs. Charlotte bought for her. Sweet girl is ready to go! It kinda shocked me how casual the whole hospital was about us leaving. I guess because I signed all the forms in advance there wasn't anything left for me to do? We put her in her car seat, and she did not like it. She had to ride in my lap while I rode in a wheel chair as we left the hospital The guys pushing the luggage cart to the car First
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